Modern JavaScript Tools & Resources

Once you have the essentials of modern JavaScript under your belt, and you’ve consolidated your JavaScript skills with our extensive range of modern JavaScript tutorials, the next step is to get familiar with the various tools and resources that complement a modern JavaScript workflow.

This Tools section of our Modern JavaScript Hub covers JavaScript tools, IDEs and other resources that support the work of JavaScript developers.

We recommend you start with our introduction to Gulp.js, which explains the role of a task runner or build process in this era of increasingly complex web programming, and compares Gulp with other options such as Grunt, Broccoli, Brunch and webpack.

Next up, it’s worth checking out our beginner’s guide to webpack 4 and module bundling, which covers initial setup and configuration, modules, loaders, plugins, code splitting and hot module replacement, showing how webpack can be taught to transform all of your front-end assets like HTML, CSS and even images. Allied with this is our introduction to setting up an ES6 project using Babel and webpack, which shows how to ensure that modern JavaScript code is made compatible with the widest possible range of browsers. And if Babel is new to you, also check out our beginner’s guide to Babel, which is a JavaScript compiler that allows developers to use next-generation JavaScript today.

As great as webpack is, you might also like to check out our introduction to FuseBox, a next generation ecosystem of tools that provides for all of the requirements of the development lifecycle, and an alternative to webpack that’s arguably faster and simpler.

Code editors are fundamental to the work of JavaScript developers, so we have plenty of information on things like essential add-ons, plugins and extensions for Sublime Text and VS Code. We also look at how to debug your code with VS Code and the Debugger for Chrome extension.

We also look at Axios, a popular, promise-based HTTP client that sports an easy-to-use API and can be used in both the browser and Node.js. And for the adventurous programmers among you, we also cover ten interesting languages that can compile to JavaScript to be executed in the browser or on a platform like Node.js.

That’s Not All

There’s a lot more on offer in the modern JS tools section, as you’ll see below. If you’re after a detailed summary of these topics in book form then you’re in luck with Modern JavaScript Tools & Skills, and we have other similar books covering tools and skills for React, Angular and Node.js. You might also like our video course on Modernizr, showing a better way to use modern HTML, CSS and JavaScript features in your code.

And don’t forget that this Modern JavaScript Hub also includes a getting started with modern JavaScript section, as well as extensive modern JavaScript tutorials for beginners and experts alike.