By Sam Deering

jQuery is better than Mootools! (12 Reasons)

By Sam Deering


This post is now outdated, It has been kept here for entertainment purposes only.


Both jQuery and Mootools are JavaScript Development Packages that provide functions to make the writing of JavaScript code easier, faster and more efficient. Both have strengths and weaknesses, advantages and disadvantages but here on jQuery4u we love jQuery and think it’s the best so this list is all about how jQuery kicks Mootools a$$!

Notice: My preference to jQuery and should not be misinterpreted to a criticism of the others!

jQuery Official Definition

“jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development. jQuery is designed to change the way that you write JavaScript.” source:


Mootools Official Definition

“MooTools is a compact, modular, Object-Oriented JavaScript framework designed for the intermediate to advanced JavaScript developer. It allows you to write powerful, flexible, and cross-browser code with its elegant, well documented, and coherent API.” source:

File Sizes

Update: Both Libraries have a very similar file size when compressed (as with most libraries you can reduced the file size to personal sized versions containing only the functions you require – but most people just use the full versions!).


10 Reasons why is jQuery better than Mootools!

  1. jQuery has better mobile support than Mootools – the latest release of jQuery Mobile Alpha 3 has been a breakthrough in how easy it can be to get your website “mobile efficient”. Mootools has mobile support including touch events but it’s not as widely available as jQuery options.   (#1 was Previously jQuery vs Mootools filesizes).
  2. jQuery is less confusing than Mootools! – It has less native extensions (including element) – jQuery has about a dozen for Array, Object, and String and Mootools has about six dozen for Array, Object, String, Function, and Number.
  3. jQuery has more plugins available than Mootools! – jQuery has hundreds of unofficial plug-ins in a directory at while Mootools has roughly 4 dozen official plug-ins available at Unofficial plugin directory at
  4. jQuery has an Official UI library! – Mootools doesn’t. Boo.
  5. jQuery community is far larger than Mootools! – If you measure jQuery and MooTools on metrics like the number of people using it, the number of search queries run on Google, the number of books sold, etc, you’ll see jQuery is ahead by a wide margin.
  6. jQuery is more accessible than Mootools! – It has better DOM management than Mootools by a long shot.
  7. jQuery is easier to learn than Mootools! – There are more tutorials out there online and you don’t need to know JavaScript inside out to learn it! It is also a widely known fact that Mootools takes longer to learn than jQuery.
  8. jQuery has sexier looking syntax than Mootools! – This ones a personal opinion of mine… a very subjective observation!
  9. jQuery loads faster in IE than Mootools! – Proof is below!!! It’s pretty much the same load times as Mootools in all other browsers. (results by Slickspeed).
  10. jQuery is updated more regularly than Mootools! – Simply better performance due to more updates and bug fixes from a dedicated team. See The Performance Results Tables.
  11. jQuery is the choice for WordPress! – WordPress is becoming the blogging platform for the future and jQuery is it’s choice! A google search for “WordPress jQuery” returned 8 times more results!!!
  12. jQuery is more likely to get you a job than Mootools! – A search on revealed 75 Freelance Jobs Found for jQuery and only 1 Freelance Jobs Found for Mootools.
  13. google-jquery-mootools


  • Matthew

    Mootools is more programming then just straight Dom manipulation. Mootools has a steeper learning curve but it is much more powerful then jquery. If all you want to do is move things on screen or change there css / html then you can use jquery. But if you want to write a structured application, you need to use a framework thats more robust like mootools.

  • gonchuki

    Ever heard of the blub paradox? you should read Beating the Averages by Paul Graham ;)

    I will not debate your subjective arguments as there’s no point on trying to convince you of anything, but that article is a must read for someone like you :) (think of jQuery as Java and MooTools as Lisp in that story)

  • Pablo

    You have some good points and the article results informative. However, It’s a shame that you write this article is such a famboy-like style. Also, I think you confuse popularity with quality. Unfortunately history is full of cases where the best option is not the most popular.

    Finally, maybe you are only considering the quick-and-dirty web page “applications”, while others like me are thinking about large applications developed by several programmers over months, which must eventually be maintained.

    This brings me some bad memories of late 90’s when VB arose as the language of choice and we had a complete generation of programmers that were unable to make any decently structured code and simply couldn’t understand the idea of separating business logic from user interface.

    • jquery4u

      @gonchuki – Thanks, very interesting, was a good read!

      @Pablo – Thanks for your constructive comments! It’s good to see someone thinking from a broader perspective and considering different factors which sometimes people overlook. The post was written from a jQuery fanboy perspective, of course there are strengths to Mootools over jQuery but this post is quite a one-sided argument. Maybe if you would like to write a post about why you would choose Mootools over jQuery I would consider posting it on the blog. Thanks again, Sam

  • just a point

    the existence of this webpage tells me that it is not up to me to leave that jQuery alone but I have a word to say.

    #5. jQuery community is far larger than Mootools!

    Many users and programmers using and developing the same system make things worse!
    How many plugins should I add then to my webpage when I need 10 features?
    My point of view is to not plugIn unless you know what the plug is doing. But, by then you wrote the same thing on your own.


  • You’re very funny

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