jQuery Mobile Alpha 3 Released

By Sam Deering

Yes! More jQuery Mobile News! :) They’ve released a new version – jQuery Mobile Alpha 3!

jquery mobile

We’re pleased to announce the third alpha release of the jQuery Mobile project. This release includes a number of bug fixes and enhancements to the original jQuery Mobile Alpha 1 and jQuery Mobile Alpha 2 releases.

Overall the quality of jQuery Mobile has been greatly improved. In general, the following improvements have been doing since Alpha 2:

* The team made about 480 commits!
* Fixed around 150 bugs
* Created 240 unit tests (almost all are passing in most browsers)
* Refactored and improved our core and navigation plugins in many ways, and improved consistency across plugin APIs
* Increased our A-Grade browser support to include Firefox Mobile (Fennec), Opera Mobile / Mini, and refined our support for iOS, Android, BlackBerry 6, Palm WebOS, and most modern desktop browsers
* Wrapped the jQuery UI datepicker plugin with a touch optimized theme (it’s not included in our build by default)
* Fixed our “fixed” toolbars – Thanks Kin!
* Improved keyboard and general accessibility support on VoiceOver
* Gotten very close to a-grade support for Windows Phone 7 and Nokia (in branches currently)
* Made headway on several feature branches, like history.pushState support (for hash-free URLs), and simulated scrolling
* Made countless other improvements and optimizations


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  • junaid ali

    I am having problems switching from alpha 1 to 3 it was working fine with alpha 1 but when i upgraded to alpha 3 its all messed up!!!

  • jquery4u

    Hi Junaid Ali,
    Can you post some code or anything specific your having problems with? maybe we can help you.

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