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Implementing a Spring Websocket Server and Client

Learn how to implement a Websocket Server and Client using Spring Framework using the STOMP messaging format and the SockJS protocol.
Jay Sridhar, 3 days ago

How Project Amber Will Revolutionize Java

Project Amber is the roof under which several productivity-oriented Java language JEPs like more type inference and pattern matching are...
Nicolai Parlog, 6 days ago

What Is Referential Transparency?

Referential transparency is a tool to help programmers reason about their programs and make them safer, and easier to test and to maintain.
Pierre-Yves Saumont, Mar 15

Types Are Mightier than Tests

Functional programming can dramatically reduce the need for testing by using types to reduce the number of possible implementation choices.
Pierre-Yves Saumont, Mar 13

Deep Dive into Java 9's Stack-Walking API

Introduction to Java 9's stack-walking API. Learn how to use the StackWalker, its options, and its performance characteristics.
Arnaud Roger, Mar 06

Git Better! Learn Aliases, Settings, Tools, Background

Chances are you're using Git - a lot. Here's how to use it better! Aliases, settings, tools, and a little background about usability and...
Nicolai Parlog, Mar 03

Understanding Java's Reflection API in Five Minutes

Java's reflection API allows the inspection and invocation of types, methods, fields, annotations, etc. without creating compile time...
Nicolai Parlog, Mar 01
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