By Shayne Tilley

HTML5 Live — A Peek Inside Lesson 1

By Shayne Tilley

Last week we let you know about two new courses from SitePoint, HTML5 Live and CSS3 Live, both presented by John Allsopp. This is a quick reminder that HTML5 Live starts today …

If you’re a designer or developer wanting to learn how you can use and apply HTML5 to your own or your clients’ websites today, sign up now using this special link.

The course costs just $9.95 and includes eight lessons containing a mix of videos, mini articles, and exercises, as well as two live Q&A sessions where you can ask questions of John directly. You’ll also gain access to a private forum where you can talk HTML5 all day.

We’ve had over 4,000 sign-ups to John’s courses already, so it’s going to be great fun. There’ll be thousands of people, just like you, aiming to master this fresh new approach to how we build web sites.

To give you a little snapshot behind the classroom doors of SitePoint Courses, here’s a run down of lesson 1 of HTML5 live …

Video: Introduction to the course

This is John’s welcome to the course. In this video John tell you a little more about himself, but more importantly steps you through each lesson of the course discussing what’s going to be covered

Mini Article: What Exactly is HTML5?

Get up close and personal with HTML5 as John covers the who, what, when where of HTML5. A great starting point for your HTML journey.

Mini Article: Can I Really Use HTML5 Right Now?

In this article John answers some important questions upfront like, what browser support is there for HTML5, and what about older browsers? Where and when can I use these different features of HTML5?

Video: Showcasing real-world HTML5 based sites

If not just for the WOW factor, perhaps you’re a HTML5 cynic, this video shows you why HTML5 is something to get excited about, and that it has real world applications right now.

Forum: Introduce yourself to the HTML5 Live class

Being a member of HTML5 live means you can access a private forum to ask questions and to socialize with your fellow students. There’s no better way to start than with a quick introduction.

So that’s just what’s contained within lesson 1. There are 7 more lessons and two live Q&As where you can ask John any specific question you might have. For just $9.95 it’s a steal, and with thousands of people, like you, learning HTML5, all at the same time — it’s going to be so much fun.

It all starts today. Don’t miss out — sign up here

  • Wheree are the courses HTML5 & CSS3?
    I survved Java Script and PHP and Russ with CSs but I cannot find the starting qque for these two

    No e-mail not annoucement no nuttin

    Give us a shout how about it

    MIKE E

    • linusef


  • langer66

    Same here. Day 2 still waiting. I have received nothing other than an email stating the course would start today (this was on Monday).

    This is my first Sitepoint course. No too impressed so far.

  • divaddrof

    Me too – I signed up but still no email or link or login details

  • Pondering

    Maybe they had to make the course first :0)

  • Jon Upton

    Will you do the HTML 5 and CSS3 again in September for us northern hemisphere guys as we are now in school holidays so will mis a chink of one or both courses.


  • John_6x6

    Yep, paid and nothing to go to, no email confirmation, nothing. If you have a link to the lesson archive, please just send that along. If not, I’d like a refund please.

  • TheWix

    This is my first course, received my email and will start the course in about 1 hour !!!!

  • Hi all, if you’ve not got your emails for lesson 1 or 2, shoot an email to and we’ll sort it out for you.

  • I’m disappointed. Pretty full on with the marketing and promotion and the email that informed me that the course started today (26/7). But I have not received any email or information about how to access the lessons.

  • Jack

    In scanning through this page, I find that you correctly identified me – an HTML5 cynic. I doubt there is anything that will matter to me. But, you won’t let me see the “Video: Showcasing real-world HTML5 based sites” without paying. Effectively, you’re making me pay to hear your sales pitch. -Fail. I’m not doing that.

    • Nosajat

      Well said Jack! I wanted to check out the “Real-World HTML5-Based Sites” vid too. Heck, if I liked what I saw, I would probably pay to enroll into the class (or a future class, or potentially a book or two, etc). But there’s no way I’d pay for a promo video!! Double-FAIL.

  • squirc77

    Same here … no email for CSS3 & HTML5 … what gives?

  • t.smith

    Currently enrolled in the HTML5 class and have gleaned a TON of great information! Good stuff! Lesson 1 was just a very vague intro … not at all a sales pitch. Sorry you did not get the same out of it I did!

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