The Benefits of Google+ Hangouts for Business

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Welcome to the online video masterclass. Today we’ll be looking at Google+ Hangouts For Business.

Google+ Live Conferencing:

Live conferencing through the likes of Skype has become commonplace amongst businesses worldwide to speak to clients and communicate with internal members of staff. However, Google+ Hangouts are making online conferencing even easier.

The easy integration Google+ provides users with makes setting up and adding individuals to conferences a simple and seamless task. Not to mention its compatibility with Android and iPhone, which ensures users can attend and set up hangouts on the move.

Conferencing With a Difference

Hangouts really are taking conferencing and live video to a whole new level. Google’s love of collaboration has always been present, but with Hangouts allowing document sharing, computer screen sharing, video sharing, whiteboard presentations, multi-camera functionality and the ability to make phone calls from inside the conference, it is one fantastic way to connect with colleagues and clients.

Hangouts Comprise Multi-Purpose Content

Perhaps the greatest thing about Google+ Hangouts isn’t just the live conferencing aspect of video, but the ability users have to record these videos and upload them to the web too.

This gives businesses the opportunity to use their Hangouts to create training videos, industry talks, and niche interviews, and broadcast company news. By turning live videos into online video, employees can digest this content in their own time at a convenient point in the day.

This is one of the biggest plus points of Google+ Hangouts; it can help businesses reach all of their employees and even create content for their audiences and clients too.

You can create product demos, tutorials, webinars and instructional videos with key members of your team to aid your clients with any problems or queries they may have.

This will certainly help your businesses content creation, improve brand awareness, boost your social standing and bring your company closer to its clients. All in all, there is a lot of value to be gained by using Google+ Hangouts for your business.

It Won’t Break the Bank

Like most software, products and services, sometimes the costs of purchasing them can quickly outweigh the available benefits. Yet Google+ — just like Gmail, Google Docs, Google Analytics and Google Drive — is completely free.

Sure you have to pay for your internet connection, but it’s a small price to pay for a whole host of conferencing and live streaming features.

The benefits available through Google+ Hangouts really are staggering when you realise the dramatically low costs associated with the product and the huge benefits it can offer brands, businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups.

That’s it for today’s online video masterclass. Be sure to share your knowledge and your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Andy Havard is a Marketing Executive at Skeleton Productions, a UK-based corporate video production company.

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