Giveaway: Free Themes from Gridgum

By Adam Roberts

Whether you’re a WordPress or Bootstrap user, you need to make sure your site looks good on all devices. There’s no shortage of places to find themes, but finding good themes that are also responsive can be a little more difficult.

That’s where Gridgum comes in. Gridgum is a new site built to provide a fair marketplace for buyers and sellers of premium responsive themes. While there are plenty of WordPress and Bootstrap templates on there, the marketplace is not limited to these: all types of website frameworks are accepted, as long as the template is responsive and meets their submission guidelines.

Some popular themes include:

DashGum — Admin Template


Austin — WordPress Theme


SinglePort — Single Page Landing Template


Incorp — MultiPurpose WordPress Theme

Incorp – MultiPurpose WordPress Theme

Every time a user buys a theme they also receive points to go towards future purchases. PayPal users don’t face surcharges, unlike on other sites.

Gridgum also offers excellent support: if you get into trouble with your theme, you can feel confident knowing all Gridgum theme authors offer support (along with Gridgum itself).

Some themes include an installation service added by the seller. This varies for each theme, but users can purchase a setup service with a theme to help make the installation easier.


SitePoint is offering a free theme from the Gridgum marketplace to 10 lucky readers, simply comment below and we’ll draw the winners next Monday, September 15. Winners will then be able to select any theme they wish from

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    Another marketplace that I very like it.

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    I would say ‘ooo ooo, pick me, pick me!’ but that would be too obvious, instead I’ll add that these templates are great, thanks for the heads up.

  • Javier Piedragil

    I’d like to participate, are these themes compatible with WordPress 4.0?

    • Hi Javier, most of the themes are compatible with the latest version of WordPress. You can contact the author of the theme via the green “View profile and contact author” button on the theme details page to confirm any questions you have. Good luck with the competition! :-)

  • tcbarrett

    An interesting variety of themes.

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    OK. I’ll bite: I’d like to win a bootstrap template. Just getting started with bootstrap.

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    Well who would say no to that! Would be perfect for my new startup!

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    Good job SitePoint. The themes are great.
    Well, good luck to all participants. :)

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    Good to know that about gridgum… and his idea for commenting is also nice
    wanna theme for my new project.

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    Hi, looks pretty good but i hope it will not end as another themes place :-) cause i found something like this: (raising 404)
    of course, i think they’ll fix. I’ll be tuned.. about Dashgum admin template i really appreciate use BootStrap newest version including features like multiple upload, etc. Thanks guys

  • jo.dee

    These templates look really great, fingers crossed :-)


    Always Love !

  • Visited and found many awesome themes there! Love “Marinka – Responsive CV Template” and “Flip Resume – Book Style Resume Theme”..shared the same on social media… :-)

  • Raul Reyes

    How nice would it be to get a free theme!

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    All look really great.
    Thanks Sitepoint

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  • Hi thanks for pointing this out, as the preview urls are not hosted with us we have to rely on the seller of the theme to resolve this. We have contacted this author to get this resolved.

  • Marty Haas

    Let the site updates begin.

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    Singleport just totally gave me the idea to put up a quick landing page while I’m developing my site, instead of just redirecting to my LinkedIn account…. why should I be giving them all my traffic?!

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  • Hi guys this competition has now closed but please follow us at where we will be offering free weekly themes in the upcoming months.

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    You can also add , to get nice bootstrap themes by free