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11 Domain Name Generators & Search Tools

Sean P Aune

Sometimes it feels like there are absolutely no good domain names left. Well, lucky for you not only are there some decent ones left, but there are quite a few tools out there that will help you figure them out!

We’ve gathered up 11 domain tools that can help you generate names, search for them and even register for them. Heck, some of them even offer iPhone and iPod Touch applications so you can search for a domain any time you get inspired by something!

BustAName.com: BustAName offers numerous options for your domain search such as just entering general words or something more specific. You can also choose which extensions it should look for, dropping the last vowel, adding hyphens and much more. If you find a name you like, you can choose from multiple registrars to purchase it.

Domai.nr: Domai.nr allows you to enter words and receive suggestions that contain not just .com, .net and .org, but also country and other extensions so you could end up with something like sitepo.int. The only drawback is it shows you all the possibilities and then you have to click on each to see if it is available.


DomainPigeon.com: Not limited to just domain names, DomainPigeon shows you a list of numerous .com names that are still available, as well as Twitter user names in case you are still in need of one. The results are color coded so you can see how much interest has been expressed in a given term before you decide to purchase it.

DomainTyper.com: DomainTyper will start showing you suggestions with each letter you type into the search box. While the initial results only show .com, .net and .org, you can click to add the search for every other extension out there. There is also a Web 2.0 name generator which will do just as it promises and shows you some of the most bizarre names still available. There is also an iPhone app available for this service so you can check names on the go.

Domize.com: Domize quickly returns results of the domain names and variations of what you enter in the search bar. It also has some “power search” options that let you upload a search list, narrow by vowels, search for synonyms and more.

Geek.name: With Geek.name you can see a list of unregistered domain names it has already found, or you can start choosing which extensions you want, how many letters it should have, the order to sort them in, use a thesaurus to find a name and a few more options. It’s handy and fairly quick.

IWantMyName.com: If you have a specific name in mind, and you want to see if it is available for every extension under the sun, this is the tool for you. Just enter your desired name and the availability for every extension is quickly checked. You can also register through this site, and they offer an iPhone application so you can check names while on the go.

MakeWords.com: MakeWords generates lists of words in numerous languages and checks if they are available as a .com choice. You can switch between languages, add prefixes and suffixes, choose the minimum and maximum length of the domain you are interested in and more.

Nameboy.com: Nameboy gives you a lot of options for your search by allowing you to enter two totally separate words, choose if you want hyphens, or to let it rhyme and then get numerous pages of possibilities. Available names are easily shown and then you can just check the boxes for which ones you would like to purchase. Results show you .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz and .tv options.