Designing Custom Icons with Sketch 3

Jeff Smith, Adam Rasheed

When creating designs for your project using Sketch 3 for macOS, chances are that you will need some icons in your design. Icons are an integral part of communication on the Internet, as they relay ideas visually and surpass the boundaries of using text alone.

Using Icons in Sketch

Sketch 3 has design templates included, and many of those have icons in them. This is an easy way to get started, both with icons and with your user interface design. This video will focus on helping you to build your own custom designs, including icons from other sources.

You’ll be guided through the process of locating good icons, and how to include them in your design projects. The video also details the process in finding exact brand colors, so that your icons can be on brand.

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User Interface Design with Sketch 3 Course

This video is part of the our Design a User Interface with Sketch course on SitePoint, available to all SitePoint members, and presented by Adam Rasheed. In this course, Adam will take you through all of the steps of creating amazing user interfaces, from a blank canvas to a finished product, ready to deliver to a developer or to present! Adam does a great job at relaying some of the principles of design that can be used in other contexts as well.

As great as Sketch is, it is an application that is only available for macOS. Although this limits the user base of Sketch 3 to macOS users only, it is still fast becoming an industry standard in design and is an excellent tool to invest time in learning.