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Vito Tardia

Vito Tardia

Vito Tardia (a.k.a. Ragman), is a freelance web designer and full stack developer. He works for various types of clients, from small and medium businesses to well-known web agencies. He offers basically two services: he can help you solve problems and achieve goals, by using technology, the internet and a good amount of creativity and chutzpah. In practice, Vito builds web sites and applications with fanatical attention to detail applying industry best practices. Vito is also a skilled guitarist and music composer. His music adventure started back in 1996 with the power metal band Pandaemonium and their album …and the Runes begin to pray. Since then, he enjoys jamming with local (hard) rock bands.

Vito's articles

Digital Tickets with PHP and Apple Passbook

By Vito Tardia,

Apple's Passbook is a very interesting piece of technology that involves a lot of well-known and loved tools like JSON and RESTful APIs. See how to build a sample web app that creates and distributes passes. Though the example presented isn't a full-featured product, it can serve as a nice base to build on for more serious real world uses.