jQuery: Novice to Ninja code archive is FREE to download

jQuery: Novice to NinjaIt’s not something we’ve done before, so I thought it was worth sharing the news.

For years we’ve offered a free sample for each of our books; a sizeable download comprising several chapters. jQuery: Novice to Ninja is no different, we’ve made 3 out of 9 chapters freely available — that’s over 150 pages of jQuery goodness up for grabs. What’s different with this book is for the first time we’re offering the entire code archive for free. Not just the code used in the sample chapters, all code used in the entire book!

I did a quick count, and it’s over 100 ready-to-use scripts — not bad for a free download.

Of course, we hope that you’ll grab the free code, and then be inspired to learn the way of the jQuery Ninja. When you do, jQuery: Novice to Ninja is just one click away. In the meantime feel free to take the code and use it on your own site.

To grab your free sample and a whole big bag of jQuery goodies — head straight to the sample download page.

Happy jQuerying!