10 jQuery/HTML/CSS Presentation Slides Plugins

Normally we would rely on software like Keynotes or Powerpoint when it comes to showing slides for presentations. Why not display them in the web browser using jQuery? Check out our collection of 10 jQuery/HTML/CSS Presentation Slides Plugins that you can find web alternatives to Powerpoint and Keynote apps. Enjoy!

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1. slideViewer (a jQuery image slider built on a single unordered list) 1.2

slideViewer is a lightweight (3.5Kb) jQuery plugin wich allows to instantly create an image gallery by writing just few lines of HTML such as an unordered list of images.


Source + Demo

2. Presentation Slides with HTML and CSS Tutorial

With a bit of fiddling, we can easily create beautiful presentations with HTML and CSS. See how today!

Presentation Slides

Source + Demo

3. Presentation.js

Uses simple HTML & CSS. Just write your slides like an outline. Add in presentation.js, and go!


Source + Demo

4. jQuery Presentation Plugin: Say NO to Keynote!

A light-weight presentation plugin to use in place of Keynote or Powerpoint. Use the right and left keys, the previous & next links, or the actual page links to navigate through the slides.

jQuery Presentation Plugin


5. Slider Kit (Content Sliders)

Sliding contents with jQuery.

Slider Kit


6. DZSlides

Is a one-page-template to build your presentation in HTML5 and CSS3.


Source + Demo

7. Pure CSS Slideshow

This slideshow was built entirely with CSS3. It offers horizontal transition and deep linking too.

Pure CSS Slideshow

Source + Demo

8. Presentation Framework by Lea Verou

Originally Lea Verou presented her slides about CSS3 at one conference last year and many people asked for her presentation framework. Then she released for everyone to download.

Presentation Framework


9. Shower

Shower presentation template starts off with small slide thumbnails that you can enlarge to full screen and navigate the slides with keyboard.



10. HTML5 Slides

Is a clean and simple presentation that slides horizontally. It is feature packed and works on modern browsers.

HTML5 Slides


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