10 jQuery RSS/XML Plugins and Tutorials

10 Awesome RSS and XML Plugins and tutorials to help you get your feeds up and running on your web page or blog in no time at all! Learn more about RSS feeding and XML/XSLT, check out some tutorials below!

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1. jQuery Ajax Call and Result XML Parsing

I have found jQuery to be one of the most powerful JavaScript libraries out there at the minute. I’ve been working with the base library and a number of plug-ins over the past couple of weeks and have found both the effects and AJAX methods to be both powerful and easy.

2. XSLT Plugin

This is a jQuery Plugin for Google’s AJAXSLT. It gives you the ability to transform XML/XSL from JavaScript. AJAXSLT is a parser itself, the library does not depend on your browser being able to do XSL transforms. The plugin also provides functionality to load XML/XSL through $.ajax() calls and transform them.

3. jQuery Google Feed Plugin

Google Feed Plugin is a pretty cool thing as it facilitates feed mashups by providing the server component. This means that developers can easily mash feeds on the client by simply including Google’s new API script.

4. jQuery Taconite – Multiple DOM Updates

The jQuery Taconite Plugin allows you to easily make multiple DOM updates using the results of a single AJAX call. It processes an XML command document that contain instructions for updating the DOM.

5. jQuery XSL Transform

A jQuery wrapper for Sarissa, providing the ability to replace any element on the fly (using the browser’s built-in XSLT engine) with the results from an XSLT transformation of an XML document.

6. XMLObjectifier

This small and fast utility converts an XML file fetched through $.ajax to a JavaScript Object, completely eliminating a need to use DOM to extract data. All attributes and values are accessible using dot (.) notation.

7. jQuery: RSS Feed Rotator

To accomplish this, we need a server-side script to fetch the feed, jQuery’s AJAX methods and a JavaScript timer to create the intervals between feeds.

8. XSLT Templater

Plugin for jQuery framework.

9. Building an RSS Feed Reader with jQuery

When it comes to WordPress, there are a lot of plugins that help you to display the feeds from any site. But what about a static page. With the help of jQuery this can be done in no time.

10. Import RSS Feeds using jFeed (jQuery)

This simple tutorial will show u how to Import rss feeds of any site into your own custom area/block of site. It can be used as news import from yahoo, bbc etc. As we know, RSS feeds usually using to transfer some news to readers.