10 Android Style jQuery Plugins

Android seems to be everywhere now. You too can have it by bringing in the Android style with the help of jQuery. Ranging from date pickers to image scrollers, this set of plugins lets you bring out the Android style into your web designs. Andriod FTW!!! You might also want to compare these to: 10 jQuery iPhone Style Plugins.

1. Creating Android Charts with HTML-Javascript – jQuery Flot

As an alternative to creating Android charts in pure Java, an interesting possibility exists for creating charts using the handy old WebView and HTML/JavaScript approach.

2. jQuery ToastMessage – Android Like Notifications

A JQuery plugin which provides android-like notification messages. It is a quite nice way to report info or error to the user. Its features include:
> Information’s are introduced as ToastMessages to the user in a seamless and natural way
> ToastMessages may or may not disrupt the user and they are still informative
> 4 different predefined types of toasts: notice, success, warning and error
> Fully customizable
> Easy to use API

3. jQuery-Touch-and-Gesture-Event-Detection

A quick jQuery browser plugin to detect support for touch and gesture events using object detection instead of specific browser sniffing.

4. TouchSwipe jQuery plugin for Android

Skinkers TouchSwipe jQuery plugin enables the detection of swipe gestures on touch based devices. Its features include:
> Detects swipes in 4 directions, up, down, left and right
> Supports single finger or double finger touch events
> Supports click as well as swipe
> Definable threshold to determine when a gesture is actually a swipe
> Events triggered for swipe start, move, end and cancel
> End event can be triggered either on touch release, or as soon as threshold is met
> Allows swiping and page scrolling

5. Android-Like Date Picker with jQuery mobile

A cool Android-type Date Picker with jQuery mobile. This tutorial helps create an amazing Android style date picker with jQuery.

6. Keep Reading jQuery Plugin

The Keep Reading plugin can be used to display a small tag in the lower right portion of a screen when the page contains content below the fold. This is very useful for mobile browsers where you may desire a long form on one page in order to cut down on network trips.

7. jQuery Lightbox for Android

jQuery Lightbox for android lets you create the renowned and attractive android style lightbox gallery.

8. Web in touch jQuery Plugin

A jQuery plugin that you can embed in their website. Thus, the user can use their website as if he had an iPad or other touch screen in your hand. But not only that: Through the Web-in-Touch plugin, it is also possible to navigate to their website at all touch devices comfortable.

9. Vertical Scroller jQuery Plugin Plus

It has the following features:
> Just create two div, one inside the other
> The outer div is the container
> The inner div is the scroll wheel
> Two buttons to scroll up and down
> All elements inside the div scroller will scroll when you press any buttons

10. Lightbox JS Gallery Android Style

A tool for displaying images in an Android-style “lightbox” that floats overtop of web page.
> Customizable through settings and CSS
> Adds a nice drop shadow under the zoomed item
> Slideshow option
> Multiple Galleries option
> Previous and Next buttons inside the imageBox.
> Automatic repositioning of the image in the browser window