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Self promotion/self-linking

When you post, don’t promote a site or a product and don’t link to your site unless the resource genuinely adds value to the discussion. If a moderator thinks that your link does not add value, it will be treated as self-promotion and deleted. Self promotion may earn you a warning or infraction.

You may:

  • Link to an article that you may have published on your own site and that answers a question posted in a thread
  • Link to an under development site for which you are requesting input (reviews and critiques forum)
  • Announce an industry event - provided you keep it factual and not overly spammy

You may not:

  • Promote your services through a descriptive dialog
  • Point members to a site linked through your signature
  • Invite members to PM you for a service
  • Post a question for the express purpose of concocting a scenario that invites yourself (or a friend or colleague) to post a link to your own site
  • Suggest your product as an answer to a request or search for all the threads that deal with your line of business (old and new) to expose your signature.

Affiliate links, coupons, and offers

Affiliate links, coupons, offers are not welcome. DO NOT:

  • Post coupon codes, discounts, offers
  • Ask for coupons, codes, discounts, invitations to services, etc.
  • Post affiliate links. Links to Outwar and similar types of schemes are acceptable, as these are links to games. However, it should be obvious from the outset where the links lead to.

This is a serious offence that will often earn you an infraction or banning.

Domain name appraisals

We do not allow discussion of domain name price appraisals anywhere on the SitePoint forums.

Don't copy and paste whole articles

Don't post content from other sites and don't make your post longer than it is necessary. The forums don't need content that is better suited for a blog or an article. We'd rather have your active participation in the debates.

If you want to discuss an article you read somewhere, post a link. It may also be copyright infringement if you post the whole lot.

Social bookmarks

Don’t ask for votes on social bookmarking sites, such as Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, or Facebook. We consider this self promotion and it's not OK.


A fluff post is a post that doesn't add any value to the thread. Fluff is stuff like ‘nice post’, ‘that’s cool’, ‘that’s helpful’,'thanks for sharing'.

It's OK to thank someone for providing an answer to your question, but if you post nothing but fluff, it's not okay. Instead, we encourage you to participate in the discussion and bring your own ideas to the debate.

We have a some basic guidelines to help you ensure that your post isn't considered fluff. Every post [outside of General Chat and Introductions] should be meaningful and add something new to the thread.

If your posts don't meet these criteria, you’ll be warned first, then receive an infraction, and finally be banned if the behavior continues.

Piracy, warez, adult sites, and illegal content

No sharing of warez or pirated material, please. It is not cool. Likewise, don’t post any work (even a small piece of it) unless you have express permission from the owner or creator of the piece or work. You’ll be responsible for copyright infringement -- not us. It is better if you link to it. It will save you some lawyers’ fees!

Additionally, links to adult sites are not allowed.

SitePoint may also remove discussions that are thought to violate applicable law or that may be harmful to other members, the sites that comprise SitePoint, or the rights of SitePoint Pty. Ltd. or others.

Reporting violations

If you see a post that violates these rules, use the report button.

report This button is located beside every post. When you report a post, the moderators of the forum will be notified.

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