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By sgrosvenor
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To be completely honest with you guys and gals, I need your input!

It’s fine and dandy me writing articles on what I think you want to read and plugging away, but if they don’t hit the mark, then its wasting your and my time.

So far, the articles I’ve written have been well received, and thanks to all of you that have contacted me asking further questions; it’s you that I do it for!, but there comes a point where I need to know exactly what you need, and this is that time.

I need to know if you have specific requirements for Flash articles, or more general articles, but I want you the readers of the Flash blog here at Sitepoint to get something out of it, and tell me what you want to see in the upcoming articles.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty, and tell me what you want to see; sure you can have top level articles that gloss over particular subjects, but if you want to know how to do something in particular which is specific, then let me know and I can plan things around that.

I’ve been here a few months now, and there is no need for being coy or shy; if you send me an email, I’ll reply to it as fast as I can. If you want to send me an article request via the feedback link on the left hand side of the page, feel free to do that too!!

Let’s get some ideas rolling on specifics for some hot future articles!

We teamed up with SiteGround
To bring you the latest from the web and tried-and-true hosting, recommended for designers and developers. SitePoint Readers Get Up To 65% OFF Now
  • Firestorm2003

    I’d like to see a specific tutorial on how to make a website navigation bar using Flash MX 2004 and how to implement it into a web page.

  • Jon B

    I’m glad you asked…

    I would like some concise tutorials on using PHP and Flash, maybe with a MySQL db. Also some good tutorials on building dynamic sites with intelligent staggered content loading etc. Basically dynamism is what I after in a tutorial or article or feature – I want to build Flash sites that work with PHP as well as HTML sites work with PHP.

    Maybe you could hook up with Sitepoint’s PHP guy and do a crossover article/tutorial, maybe you could even do a whole AMFPHP tutorial covering the subject of remoting in a practical business site type context (most tutorials show how to do very little boring stuff).

    All this would be good from my point of view. I bored with the simple ‘populate a textarea with text from a database’, I actually want to know how to ‘build’ a site dynamically depending on PHP/MySQL query results etc.

  • cholmon

    I like Jon B’s request for some advanced PHP/Flash subject matter, especially the crossover article with Harry F. What could be intersting is using some sort of PHP MVC architecture that uses both HTML and Flash as the view. might be interesting to see how such a view could be built.

  • Alex

    I would love to see a series of articles on Compnent creation… I’m sure there are quite a few pieces of code I reuse constantly that could be packaged as a Component thus making my life that much easier… I just don’t quite get how…

  • Jake

    Since you asked, how do you grap dynamic text (MySQL through PHP, textfile, whatever) and make only certain parts/words a link? Example:

    “Today, in the sitepoint flash blog[/link], etc”

    Simple stuff like that, cause I haven’t been able to find that info anywhere else.

    Also, keep in mind, some of us haven’t been able to afford “Flash MX 2004” yet, and are still in MX.


  • Firestorm2003

    Not just PHP but CF aswell!

  • seegee

    something related to php/mySQL would be really good, especially with relation to ecommerce.

  • Whew- I’m glad to hear that there are some fellow PHP/MySQL/AMFPHP interested people out there. I started a discussion over at actionscript.com about a project I’m launching that uses AMFPHP (because Remoting is the best thing since sliced bread), and most the responses I’ve gotten so far have been along the lines of “make it XML!.”

    So that brings me to my article request(s): Flash gives us so many ways to do things– I’d like to see side-by-side comparisons, with pros and cons considered from various angles.

  • Jake

    Ahh, yet another idea! How do you a flash chat thing? You know, like you see in breeze and stuff?

  • hi
    I think that articles should cover both basic & advanced stuff to cater to both new flashers as well as hardened veterans. But more focus should be on advanced stuff rather than basic candies. The basic stuff should be covered just once a while as newbies can browse through SitePoint’s numerous tutorials & articles to get started.

    What I’d like is to get some explanations on the use of Components, ie., how to use them, especially the UI Set 2 components. I’ve also heard a lot about the Alert component & Window component. I tried using Alert component & got it to show on click of a button but when I tried to add a listener to it to track clicks on Alert.YES & Alert.NO buttons, nothing happened, the Alert simply didn’t come up.

    Also, I’d like to know more about skinning components, especially scrollbar component & the textarea component.

    Then comes the Data components with Data Grid components & how to get data from a PHP or ASP script & populate drop-downs, or other data components.

    After covering all the components that come with FlashMX 2004, how about creating our own components?

    Some actionscript wouldn’t go amiss either, with some text manipulation using Regular Expressions, restricting input into textfields, validating user input, etc.

    these are my thoughts & a lot of them(well, frankly all of it) is what I wanna know & see on this Blog & through articles or tutorials on SitePoint. Just suggestions, its up to you to take them or not.

  • argonauta

    i’d like to see some articles about mixing php ming , mysql and flash.

  • Rizwan

    I’d like to see some tutorials on how we can have a POP3 email client running in Flash.

  • Anonymous

    Would love to see an article on the use of the the new components with AS2. Start with the basics on how to work with them in an application…from dragging them to the stage and making them work, to customizing the look when integrating them.

  • morty

    Yes, more about dynamic pages with php and mysql!
    A chat or some other real time applications like an online poker room (XmlSocket) would be very interesting, too! For stuff like this Flash is a really nice tool compared to Shockwave or Java. Tutorials on projects where it is reasonable to use Flash and that wont be possible to realize in plane html.

  • Jon B

    ooh, some XML parsing info would be cool, some pro and cons of using flat file XML compared with a database, some pro and cons of using XML from a database, some pros and cons of using php to turn data from a database into XML to send to flash – like it was said before – flash has so many ways to do things and so many slight variations of those ways it would be good to know which is best in what situations, or at least some info so we can make up our own minds – I like the whole XML idea, except that XML is kinda ‘fat’ – lots of markup, AMF is much smaller, but PHP doesn’t understand it (except AMFPHP obviously) …

  • Dorsey

    I’d be VERY interested in articles dealing with web services – how to construct them using PHP/MySQL, and more articles on locating and consuming them. I am currently faced with this very task, and have found very little outside the .NET world that adequately describes this.

    My suggestion would be to identify a non-trivial application for web services (both sides – producer and consumer) rather than a contrived example that doesn’t solve a real-world problem. Or, recast one of the more familiar Microsoft examples (Dewarmish) as a web service, but realized completely using PHP/MySQL.

  • sgrosvenor

    Some truly brilliant requests for articles here, I’ve noted them all down and will try to create articles that cover as much of what you request as possible over the coming months!!

  • TBucketMan

    Hi, I’d like to see something using JSP and MySQL…

  • For a change of pace from the excellent stuff suggested above, I’d like to see some tutorials on visual effects that aren’t so obvious in Flash. Things like blurs, glows, and lens flares.

  • fucknose

    As is written at the top of the page … ‘Flash Blog’ … would like to see an editable blog (w/ comments?) but done using flash

    also i think each stage of this would be education in a wider general sense, not just for those wanting to create blogs (hey even i don’t necessarily think i’d do it but i would love to read about it!)

    oh and it would tie in pretty well with others requesting articles on AMFPHP / XML / Flatfile Pros & Cons.

  • Vertigo

    I would like to see an advanced level tutorial on amfphp. Specially like creating a login box in flash with remoting, or displaying items coming in from a database to flash.



  • Priyanka

    Some time back I came across with a nice explainatory article on .NET Provider model with the immergence of .NET 2.0, but after that i see theres a huge reduction in .NET articles @ sitepoint, and may i ask why??

    I would love to see some more .NET articles in this site, because i feel the authers are quite talented to explain complex topic very simply.

    I am a .NET developer and used to regularly visit this site.Thank you for all the great work.