12 Tools For Managing Your Passwords

    Sean P Aune
    Sean P Aune

    Keeping track of your passwords can be a nightmare, and no one likes to write them all down on a piece of paper that anyone can find. Luckily, there are numerous password management solutions for all sorts of situations: remembering them in the browser, on your iPhone, on the Web and so on.

    We’ve gathered up 12 of the best ones out there for various platforms so you are sure to find one that suits your needs.

    Adobe AIR Applications

    Ginz: Ginz is a simple application that allows you to add, remove, change or search stored items easily.  You can also password protect your entire directory.

    Passpack Desktop: Passpack Desktop allows you to sort passwords, tag them for easier searching, mark as favorites and more.  If you have a Passpack account, you can sync your passwords to your online account.

    Cross-Platform Applications

    KeePass: KeePass is an open-source program that allows you to secure your passwords with a single master password or a key-file.  It is primarily for Windows, but there are versions for Linux and Mac OSX that aren’t as robust.  You can also go mobile with versions for PocketPC, Symbian, BlackBerry and PalmOS.

    LastPass: LastPass works with both Internet Explorer and Firefox to sync your passwords between multiple computers.  All passwords are encrypted before they leave your computer so even LastPass can’t read them on their servers.  The tool helps generate strong passwords, allows you access from mobile phones, works with other password managers for import & export and more.

    PasswordVault: 256-bit encryption isn’t enough for some people, so PasswordVault offers you 896-bit encryption to make sure your passwords are even more protected.  The program comes in versions for Linux, Mac and Windows, and works across multiple browsers while also allowing you to sync your data across different computers.

    RoboForm: RoboForm works with Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8 and Firefox 2, 3, 3.5 to help you manage passwords, fill in forms, generate new passwords, encrypt your information and a whole lot more.

    Firefox Addons

    PasswordMaker: PasswordMaker helps you create new passwords and secure your old ones.  The passwords are not stored anywhere, and are instead calculated over and over again so there is nothing to be hacked or cracked.  The extension will also fill-in forms, give you one-click access and more.

    Secure Login: Secure Login works with the built-in password manager in Firefox and increases the uses for all of that data by allowing you to create multiple accounts, one-click logins, form auto-fills and a lot more.

    Sxipper: Sxipper allows you to login to web sites with one-click, and also pick which information is stored for work, personal or anything of your choosing.  All data is stored securely on your computer without interacting with a third-party site.

    iPhone and iPod Touch Applications

    eWallet – Secure Password Manager: eWallet gives you all of the password manager functions you could want including generating strong passwords, securing existing ones, storing sensitive credit card info, allowing you to launch well known sites from the app to avoid phising scams and a ton more features.  You also have the option of syncing the data to your desktop if you choose to.

    Wallet Pro: Wallet Pro uses 256-bit encryption to help you protect your passwords, allows syncing with memngo.com and multiple iPhones, set up multiple profiles to generate different encryption keys for different data and a whole lot more.

    Mac Applications

    1Password: Pretty much any Mac owner you talk to about password management will immediately blurt out “1Password!”  The benefit of this solution is that it not only provides form filling, but it also allows you to store credit card profiles to use while shopping.  Palm OS and iPhone users can download apps for their respective devices to take their information with them.