By Sean P Aune

12 Tools For Managing Your Passwords

By Sean P Aune

Keeping track of your passwords can be a nightmare, and no one likes to write them all down on a piece of paper that anyone can find. Luckily, there are numerous password management solutions for all sorts of situations: remembering them in the browser, on your iPhone, on the Web and so on.

We’ve gathered up 12 of the best ones out there for various platforms so you are sure to find one that suits your needs.

Adobe AIR Applications

Ginz: Ginz is a simple application that allows you to add, remove, change or search stored items easily.  You can also password protect your entire directory.

Passpack Desktop: Passpack Desktop allows you to sort passwords, tag them for easier searching, mark as favorites and more.  If you have a Passpack account, you can sync your passwords to your online account.

Cross-Platform Applications

KeePass: KeePass is an open-source program that allows you to secure your passwords with a single master password or a key-file.  It is primarily for Windows, but there are versions for Linux and Mac OSX that aren’t as robust.  You can also go mobile with versions for PocketPC, Symbian, BlackBerry and PalmOS.

LastPass: LastPass works with both Internet Explorer and Firefox to sync your passwords between multiple computers.  All passwords are encrypted before they leave your computer so even LastPass can’t read them on their servers.  The tool helps generate strong passwords, allows you access from mobile phones, works with other password managers for import & export and more.

PasswordVault: 256-bit encryption isn’t enough for some people, so PasswordVault offers you 896-bit encryption to make sure your passwords are even more protected.  The program comes in versions for Linux, Mac and Windows, and works across multiple browsers while also allowing you to sync your data across different computers.

RoboForm: RoboForm works with Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8 and Firefox 2, 3, 3.5 to help you manage passwords, fill in forms, generate new passwords, encrypt your information and a whole lot more.

Firefox Addons

PasswordMaker: PasswordMaker helps you create new passwords and secure your old ones.  The passwords are not stored anywhere, and are instead calculated over and over again so there is nothing to be hacked or cracked.  The extension will also fill-in forms, give you one-click access and more.

Secure Login: Secure Login works with the built-in password manager in Firefox and increases the uses for all of that data by allowing you to create multiple accounts, one-click logins, form auto-fills and a lot more.

Sxipper: Sxipper allows you to login to web sites with one-click, and also pick which information is stored for work, personal or anything of your choosing.  All data is stored securely on your computer without interacting with a third-party site.

iPhone and iPod Touch Applications

eWallet – Secure Password Manager: eWallet gives you all of the password manager functions you could want including generating strong passwords, securing existing ones, storing sensitive credit card info, allowing you to launch well known sites from the app to avoid phising scams and a ton more features.  You also have the option of syncing the data to your desktop if you choose to.

Wallet Pro: Wallet Pro uses 256-bit encryption to help you protect your passwords, allows syncing with and multiple iPhones, set up multiple profiles to generate different encryption keys for different data and a whole lot more.

Mac Applications

1Password: Pretty much any Mac owner you talk to about password management will immediately blurt out “1Password!”  The benefit of this solution is that it not only provides form filling, but it also allows you to store credit card profiles to use while shopping.  Palm OS and iPhone users can download apps for their respective devices to take their information with them.

  • Gabriel Ungureanu

    Wouldn’t be better to use a solution that generates unique keys for a certain simple password at your choice, like this:

  • SSJ

    That’s really interesting article. I got many new ways. I am mostly using Robo Form but found some more interesting tools from this post. Thanks,

  • WebKarnage

    1Password V3 also creates an HTML version of itself using the Agile Keychain format, allowing the use of DropBox or other solution to get access to your passwords from anywhere. All password protected of course :)

    with best regards,

  • What’s wrong with the built in firefox passwords manager? Combined with xMarks, which you can use to sync it with other computers, works perfectly fine

  • Marco

    another alternative is
    Clipperz is:

    * a secure and simple password manager
    * an effective single sign-on solution
    * a digital vault for your personal data
    With Clipperz you can:
    * store and manage your passwords and online credentials
    * login to your web services without entering any username or password
    * protect all your sensitive data: codes for burglar alarms, PINs, credit card numbers, …
    * share secrets with family members and associates (coming soon)

  • bserem

    You didn’t mention one of the first browsers (if not the first) with such ability: Opera.
    Opera has a built-in password manager many years now.

    Furthermore there are many utilities for Windows Mobile (SPB Wallet) that sync between the desktop and the mobile.

  • My web team has a common DropBox shared folder with KeePass portable in it. We use it to store all details like Remote Desktop info, SQL Server passwords and web-app logins. The portable version runs on any of the machines we use (Windows & Mac).

    I also have my own personal KeePass database stored in DropBox, and backed up to a USB drive every now and again.

    Both of these have quickly become very useful and I can’t remember how I managed without them!

  • cauldron84

    1Password also allows you to generate unique keys according to parameters you specify — number of characters, inclusion of numbers, caps, lowercase, etc.

  • Diabolic Preacher

    Keepass Portable is my choice. Keeping password database inside a truecrypt volume

  • Joe Doe

    I check it out all, and the winner is:

  • turbowebs

    No mention of TK8 Safe? It has to be one of the best ones out there for Windows, especially for only $19.95. Has multiple categories stores notes, files, passwords, password generator, Has run and autotype features that work very well. I was really surprised not to see it on the list.

  • LastPass

    LastPass has a native Safari version now too for mac users, and full Google Chrome support is less than a week away (we already support it via bookmarklets).

  • xxdesmus

    LastPass definitely takes the cake in my opinion. Easiest to use, cross browser, cross platform, and it literally “just works”. Bravo.

  • topdown

    Keypass on a USB stick drive is your best solution.
    As the program itself is password protected and then it generates all unique passwords for each item with many encryption options. Being able to have it portable and also unplugged unless needed keeps it totally secure.

  • LouiseV

    Just chiming in a few words here for Passpack… the online version is worth taking a look at because it’s got some amazing collaborative tools that are unique only to Passpack and here are a few:

    No other password manager offers users a place to organize, protect and even share passwords all in one application. And it’s free : )


  • Anonymous

    I dont trust any program to store the passwords to my bank and paypal accounts, every encryption can be broken.
    You’d probably be better off writing it on a piece of paper and hiding that, since that way at least its not machine readable or connected to the internet

  • I spraypainted my paypal password on a bridge over the highway that I commute on. It’s in plain sight but obviously no one knows its my password

  • Brian

    How is Mitto, and online password manager ( not listed here? It’s one of the easiest to use.

  • Steven

    Hey, nice review and post. But don’t forget one of the best password managers Sticky Password which I use for years and those guys keep up very good work and product for a reasonable price.

  • I have a feeling there are a some posters here who have a stake in this business

  • Anonymous

    Another alternative is

    PasswordsPro let you have your passwords saved in crypted files but also
    permit to store ascii notes on the same file.

    It run also on a pendrive without installation (On machines with Windows operating system).

  • ChaCha Fance

    I LOVE LastPass! Used to use Roboform but I like LastPass better. I wish it worked in Chrome.

  • Jeremy

    I use Passwordsafe and Truecrypt works well too.

  • Pac Ocean

    I also use Began with Keepass about 5 years ago, but I needed to restore twice, and the second time failed. Switched to PasswordSafe.

    Now when I upgrade PasswordSafe, I reinstall and restore from the backup. It either works or it doesn’t. Been using PasswordSafe for about 3 years, upgraded more than three times.

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