These Are the Best Developer Tools & Services

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    As you’ve learned through experience, there’s much involved in trying to find the right developers’ tools or services for the task at hand.

    It’s a challenge. More and more software products and services are appearing on the market. But, every year it doesn’t get any easier. This can be especially true in some cases. One case is where app developers have been trying to bridge the gap between software development and operations.

    As you will see, open-source solutions go a long way toward resolving some of these problems. There are services that developers can use and that way can save them both time and money.

    That’s the case with the 6 products and services described below.

    1. Elementor

    Elementor can lay claim to a large and growing user base of web designers, but where this open-source project shines is what it offers to web developers. Elementor was created with developers in mind.

    Contributions to the Elementor project from thousands of developers have made it a powerful and super-extensible tool with a package of solutions that includes:

    • CLI Integration that enables users to easily trigger tasks with the command line
    • Request Parameters, with which data can be tracked across multiple pages or an entire website
    • CSS Optimization, which is achieved by compiling, minimizing, and externally loading CSS files
    • Custom CSS that can easily be incorporated into an Elementor page or widget
    • and, Rollback that enables users to view earlier versions as well as compare one version to another.

    By signing up, you’ll be able to participate in beta testing and join the Elementor user community, submit your ideas, and share software solutions with others.

    2. AND CO

    Generating an invoice is usually a straightforward task, but generating and managing multiple invoices can easily become complicated and time-consuming.

    The AND.CO smart app completely automates the invoicing process. Integrate AND.CO with your time tracking system and it will generate invoices based on billable hours and submit them when a project is complete or at milestones you specify.

    You’ll be notified when an invoice has been viewed by a client, when it has been paid, or when payment is overdue; in which case it will send a reminder to the client. Every time a payment is made it will automatically be deposited into your bank account.

    By syncing the AND.CO mobile app with all your devices you’ll be able to keep abreast of your billings and cash flow when you’re on the go.

    3. Atom

    One of the benefits of an open-source software tool offers is extensibility, which can translate into an entire set to features developers can take advantage of; a set of features that grows with time. That’s what Atom is all about and what this developer’s tool brings to the table.

    Atom runs on an Electron platform and can be used to develop cross-platform apps on OS X, Linux, and Windows. Since it’s open-source, you can create your own packages from scratch and share them with others if you wish.

    Atom supports collaboration between and among developers. The Atom team developed this capability in the belief that when developers are encouraged to collaborate wonderful results can happen.

    With this open-source, super-extensible, collaboration-enabling tool at your fingertips, there’s no telling what can be accomplished.

    4. InvoiceBerry

    InvoiceBerry gives you a quick and easy way to send out invoices. Simply choose the professionally designed template that best fits your needs, insert your logo and billing data along with your client’s email address, and let InvoiceBerry do the rest.

    Clients can make payments via Stripe, WePay, or PayPal. You can check invoice status on the dashboard at any time to see what is pending and what is late. Try InvoiceBerry for 30 days for free.

    5. Testim

    Testim uses AI to help you author automated regression tests, conduct thousands of tests on multiple browsers, and get the results in minutes. This service, created for Agile teams, will help you perform large-scale testing with less maintenance.

    Testing can be done in the Testim cloud, on your cloud, or your local machine. Request a free trial to see how this service can work for you.

    6. TMS Outsource

    TMS Outsource is a development agency that offers its services to a worldwide clientele. The many advantages of outsourcing development to this service include savings on time, personnel, and equipment, guaranteed on-time delivery of clean code, team expertise in applying Agile SCRUM development methodologies, and an opportunity to focus more on your core responsibilities and activities.

    What Makes a Good Software Development Tool?

    Surely, it’s a developer’s experience which is most valuable when creating good deliverables. At the same time, there are tools that can help you improve your workflow, and help you become a better developer.

    To find those great and useful tools, you need to know what to look at. Here are three basic things you should take into account when choosing a tool.

    For starters, a tool for developers should have a flawless integration into your workflow. It should help you deliver faster products, not make it difficult for you. If there’s a tool that gets in your way, delete it and look for an alternative.

    Another trait of a great tool should be its ease of use. You shouldn’t waste time learning how to use it. Look for a smooth learning curve in the tools you test.

    Affordability is another thing that you should care about. There’s no point in making a hole in your budget with an expensive tool if there are alternatives out there that are doing the same thing for a better price.

    The bottom line: Finding a good developer’s tool isn’t always an easy task.


    Finding the right tools or services doesn’t have to be as hopeless a task as it may seem. One or two of those presented here may be all you need. They will not only save you time or money and make your day. They will keep your software development responsibilities on track throughout 2019 and beyond.

    Whenever you come across a freebie or a free trial offer, be sure to take full advantage of it.