Styling a Section Post With CSS

Guilherme Muller

Styling a section post with CSS is a lesson from the course Putting It Together: Building a Website, by Guilherme Muller. Watch to see how you can use a combination of HTML and CSS to change the stylistic layout of the Latest Post area in a website, giving it a colourful, sleek and modern look.

If you want to get your hands dirty with website building with HTML and CSS, this Learnable course is for you. You will learn how to use the main tools that these languages give to build a complete and complex homepage of a website, based on a professional design which we will analyze and slice in Photoshop. This is a practical course covering the main techniques web developers use for building a variety of common page elements.

This course was made for people who want to apply HTML and CSS into a direct practical task. It is aimed at those who want to learn HTML and CSS techniques and want to practice slicing and coding a layout that has many common real-world challenges.

For this course, it’s assumed basic knowledge of HTML tags and attributes and CSS selectors and properties. Basic understanding of Photoshop or similar image editors will be useful for the slicing section of the course but it is not required.