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Spreading the Word on WordPress Security


When I say website security, do you feel excited, anxious or just unsure?

Most people find it hard to love security, even though we know it’s something that shouldn’t be neglected or overlooked.

WordPress users – did you know that WordPress powers a third of the web? This brings a lot of benefits – a great, supportive community, plenty of plugins and tools – but it also makes WordPress a popular target for attackers. As website owners or developers, we need to be responsible for the websites that we build and maintain. There’s a massive ecosystem of both free and paid tools and services to help keep our websites clean and secure.

We’ve been holding monthly webinars with experts on all manner of subjects, and this week we’ll be discussing WordPress security. Chris Burgess, Co-Founder of Clickify and SitePoint’s very own WordPress editor will be joining us to share his wisdom.

Chris will explore the risks associated with common web security issues and provide some handy tips. He’ll even cover some practical, real-world preventative measures you can use to protect and monitor your WordPress website right away. If that wasn’t enough to have you circling this event in your schedule — you’ll also have your chance to join in the discussion and ask Chris your very own question!

When is this happening?

Set your alarm for: June 22nd, 2016 at 1pm (PST). Don’t miss out, register for the event now.

Chris Burgess WordPress Security Webinar Poster