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Speed Question jQuery.each vs. for loop

By Sam Deering



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Quick point. It might be beneficial to mention that we are using vanilla for loops instead of jQuery.each for speed (up to 84% faster). Using a for loop with variable caching produces even faster results jsperf – each vs for.



$.each(a, function() {
  e = this;

For Loop with Caching

for ( var i = 0, len = a.length; i < len; i++) { e = a[ i] ; }; [/js]

For Loop without Caching

for (var i = 0; i < a.length; i++) {   e = a[i]; }; [/js]

Pre-calculated Length attempt


var len = a.length, i = 0;
for (i; i < len; i++) { e = a[i]; }; [/js]

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