By Glenn Goodrich

Pik Screencast

By Glenn Goodrich

In our first (of hopefully many) screencast, we look at Pik, which is a Ruby Version Manager for Windows.

Show Notes

  • Is there really meant to be a thirty second advertisement at the start of the video?

    • No, there isn’t :(. I was trying to make a splash screen, and it ended up too long. Fair point.

      I’ll shorten it considerably for the next screencast. Still learning the ways of screencasting…

      Thanks for the feedback.

    • Actually…I am recreating it now with much shorter lead-in….will post new version today.

    • Oh…crap…there is an actual advertisement. I had no idea….I thought you meant the splash screen.

      That ad is (I think) inadvertant….fixing….(I hope)

      • Nice :) In my case, it’s an ad for a bank.. doesn’t scream relevance ;)

        • Nope….:)

          Ads were on by default on our account. Have to re-up the bloody video to have it encoded without them.

          There it’s up ad-free. Thanks for pointing that out.

          (My ad was for a cruise….btw)

  • Nik

    Hi there, do you know if this works with Ruby 1.9.3?

    • 1.9.3 is listed if I do a `pik list -r`, so it will install 1.9.3.

      Is that what you mean?

  • th

    First of all, thank you! Great work. I have a question about gemsets. Are you planning on implementing gemsets so one ruby version could use a different set of gems? Or maybe this works today and I’m missing something.

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