React Tools

Now that you have the basics of React covered, and you’ve tried your hand at creating a React app using our React tutorials, it’s time to dig into this Tools section of our React Hub, which contains articles, books and courses on tools and resources for boosting your React workflow.

You can take a deep dive into popular frameworks and libraries that make life as a React developer easier, such as Redux, a framework that helps you build complex projects in a way that’s easy to scale and maintain, React Router, which helps you navigate through a React application with multiple views, as well as React Native and Firebase.

We compare Redux and MobX, show how to use Jest to test React components, and we explain how to use Bit to share React components between apps.

We even dig into building animated components with D3, using Ease to build beautiful user interfaces, securing your app with Redux and Auth0 … and much more.

If you prefer to get all this through a book, then check out our print version of these React tools and resources.

Remember that this React Hub also includes comprehensive Getting Started guides for React and all its features, as well as a wide range of tutorials for taking your React skills to the next level.