React for Beginners

This React for Beginners section of our React Hub contains a wide range of resources for learning the basics of React.

Here you’ll find everything the novice React developer needs to upskill and learn React.

You’ll need to be familiar with HTML and CSS and have a reasonable level of understanding of JavaScript in order to follow the articles below.

If you’re new to React, a good way to get started is to read our beginner’s guide to get a sense of how it works, or if you prefer to work through a video course, check out our Introduction to React. It’s also useful to know how to tell if React is the right choice for your next project, and how React stacks up against Angular, its main rival in the app development space.

Next, it’s worth finding out how to get a React project up and running fast with Create React App, a CLI tool from Facebook that allows you to generate a new React project and use a pre-configured webpack build for development.

You can then learn about working with various elements of React, such as how CSS styling works with React, how JSX works, how to work with data in React, how to test React components, how to work with higher-order components and forms, or how to create a universal blog app.

There are lots more topics to explore, as you’ll see below — from pro tips and what’s new in React to optimizing for performance, manipulating state, universal rendering, understanding events, working with props, defaults and modules … and a whole lot more. If you’d rather work through a book, we also take you through your first week with React.

Best of luck with your journey into all things React! Once you feel you know React and how it works, check out some of our great React tutorials and some of the amazing tools that will boost your React workflow.