Learn React

React is an incredibly useful JavaScript library that’s taken the development community by storm. It’s made it easier for developers to build fast, interactive user interfaces for web, mobile and desktop platforms.

Created by Facebook, React is an open-source project that’s amassed around 100 thousand stars on GitHub.

Today, thousands of companies worldwide are using React, including big names such as Netflix and AirBnB. React has become immensely popular, such that a number of apps like WhatsApp, Instagram and Dropbox have been ported to React.

React for Beginners

This React Hub provides you with a wide range of guides geared towards getting started with React if you’re new to this JavaScript library.

You can get a beginner’s introduction if you’re new to React, read about how to tell if React is the right choice for your next project, how React stacks up against Angular, or how to get a React project up and running fast with Create React App, a CLI tool from Facebook that allows you to generate a new React project and use a pre-configured webpack build for development.

You can then learn about how CSS styling works with React, understand how JSX works, learn how to work with data in React, find out how to test React components, or be guided through how to create a universal blog app with React.

And if you prefer to learn through a video course, our Introduction to React is a great place to start!

React Tutorials

If you’re looking for something more advanced, or want to consolidate your skill base, check out our large collection of React Tutorials.

For example, you’ll be guided through things like how to organize a large React app, how to create a Reddit clone using React and Firebase, and how to build a React app using Redux and Immutable.js. Or perhaps try our book covering 5 Practical React Projects.

React Tools

We also cover a wide range of React Tools and Resorces that can enhance and extend your React workflow.

For example, take a deep dive into popular frameworks and libraries that make life as a React developer easier, such as Redux, a framework that helps you build complex projects in a way that’s easy to scale and maintain, React Router, which helps you navigate through a React application with multiple views, as well as React Native and Firebase.

Happy learning!