Learn Node.js

Node.js plays an increasingly critical role in the technology stack of many high-profile companies.

In simple terms, Node.js is a program we can use to execute JavaScript on our computers — making it a JavaScript runtime. It’s commonly used to run various build tools designed to automate the process of developing a modern JavaScript application. Node.js is also used for running server-side JavaScript.

Node.js is particularly suited to building applications that require some form of real-time interaction or collaboration. It’s also a good fit for building APIs where you’re handling lots of requests that are I/O driven.

Node.js brings various advantages. It’s fast and scalable. You can use it both in the browser and on the server, meaning you can do everything with one language. It speaks JSON, arguably the most important data exchange format on the Web. And it’s JavaScript!

SitePoint’s Node.js Hub provides everything you need in order to learn Node.js, or to take your Node.js skills to the next level, providing a wide array of Node.js tutorials, articles, tools and resources to guide you in your Node.js journey.

Getting Started With Node.js

If you’re just beginning with Node.js, or don’t even know what it is yet, our Node.js for beginners section is the place to start.

You can start by finding out what Node is and how you can use it. Or you might prefer to get a more hands-on introduction by rolling up your sleeves and just having some fun with Node.js. And if books are your thing, check out Jump Start Node.js.

It’s also a good idea to get familiar with npm, Node’s package manager, which helps you install the vast array of Node-based tools that have evolved to transform the face of front-end development.

There’s a lot more you can learn about in this Node.js beginners section, such as how to build a web server with Node.js, how to use MySQL with Node, and understanding Node’s role in the MEAN stack. You might also like to check out one of our Node.js courses, such as how to build a simple back-end project with Node.js.

Node.js Tutorials

This section of our Node.js Hub presents a whole range of tutorials designed to help you get working with Node.js at a higher level.

You can learn how to build a file upload form, an MVC app, or a JavaScript CLI.

You can also learn about NodeBots, passport authentication, local authentication and more.

We’ve also packaged some of these practical tutorials into book form, so if that’s your preference, check out 9 Practical Node.js Projects. We also have video courses available, such as Creating a REST API with Node.js.

Node.js IDEs, Frameworks, Tools & Other Resources

This section of our Node.js Hub covers tools, resources and other skills related to Node.js.

You can learn about tools that complement Node.js, such as Gulp, MongoDB, Sails.js, Hapi.js and nvm. You can also dig into books such as Node.js: Related Tools & Skills and courses on topics such as deploying a Node.js app to DigitalOcean.

Happy learning!