Introducing: Versioning

By Adam Roberts

As one of the pre-eminent philosophers of our time – Horse ebooks – once remarked, “everything happens so much.”

Nowhere is that sentiment more appropriate than in the web development industry. Pretty much every day new frameworks, plugins, even entire languages are launched. As the tools evolve, so does the collective wisdom about the best way to use them. Around here, everything happens so much, and it happens every day.

That puts you, dear reader, in something of a bind. As someone who works in the web development industry, you’re kinda obligated to keep up. This means checking Hacker News multiple times a day, logging in to Reddit or Twitter, and (we hope) having a look at sites like ours, bringing new meaning to the phrase “keeping tabs”. That’s because any given link can have a measurable, significant impact on your work.

This stuff matters. Well, some of it does.

That’s where we come in. We’ve launched something to help reduce this flood of information to a manageable trickle.

It’s a daily email, short and sweet, filled with links to the most important and interesting stuff we’ve found on the web. It’s mainly focused on the web dev world, but we do mix it up with links to other interesting stuff. You can open it up, skim through, open up any relevant links, and then move on with your life. It’s not “everything” – just the good stuff.

It’s called Versioning, and we’re really excited about it. Here are the previous three issues for your perusal.

Check it out, sign up below, keep updated, and get back to work!

  • Versioning is just perfect for people who don’t have enough time to digest so much of news out there! Great initiative.

  • M S

    Can you fax it to me?

  • Ralph Mason

    I enjoy it as much for its quirky humor, word plays and turns of phrase as for the links themselves. Keep it up, guys!

  • Ran

    Love Versioning! I find myself clicking almost each and every link on the newsletter. Very nice work you guys.

  • Ian Haynes

    The Versioning email is great but it’s format could be improved, it’s very lack-lustre.

    • OphelieLechat

      That’s somewhat intentional — we want the focus to be on the content, not on the container. That being said, we are working on making it easier to scan and more visually appealing. Stay tuned!

      • Ian Haynes

        Good to hear. I hope it’s a significant improvement. The normal SitePoint newsletters are also less appealing than they have been in the past. ‘Plain’ can soon become uninspiring and turn users off..

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