By Alyssa Gregory

How to Battle Business Boredom

By Alyssa Gregory

boredomWe all get bored sometimes and need to relight the fire that makes us work hard, pushes us to reach our goals and helps us enjoy what we’re doing. So, in honor of July being Anti-Boredom Month (no, I am not making this up), I took a look at boredom, what causes it and how you can avoid getting bored in your daily life.

What is Boredom?

According to Wikipedia, boredom is an emotional state experienced during periods lacking activity or when individuals are uninterested in the activities presented to them. If you have ever been bored in your life, you know that being bored doesn’t always mean you have nothing to do; it means you have nothing that you WANT to do.

Common Causes of Boredom


Boredom can be caused by many different factors. Some common causes of boredom include:

  • Lack of engagement
  • Lack of understanding what you’re doing/learning
  • Knowing too much about what you’re doing/learning
  • Lack of variety and stimulation
  • Inability to fulfill your drive for curiosity
  • Feeling overwhelmed and over stimulated
  • Consistent routine tasks
  • Lack of opportunities to be creative

How to Avoid Boredom

The main way to avoid boredom is to make sure you are giving your full attention to what you are doing. By being completely tuned in and engaged, you can avoid falling into the boredom trap. Of course, that’s not always possible, so we tend to develop little tricks to push away the boredom and help us stay productive.

When you hit a bout of boredom, here are some quick and easy ways to give yourself a kick-start:

  • Take your work outside
  • Offer a new service to clients
  • Call one client a day to check-in
  • Take a class to learn a new skill
  • Go to a conference or networking event
  • Start reading industry publications
  • Reach out to a colleague
  • Take time to check your work
  • Revisit your goals and create new ones
  • Consider multitasking
  • Take the day off and get away from work
  • Change up your normal work schedule
  • Only do what you love
  • Take on a project that stretches you into a new area
  • Volunteer
  • Contribute on a forum or discussion board
  • Listen to your favorite music

What do you do when you get bored with your work?

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  • Nice choice of accompanying imagery for this post :)

  • Sai Bharadwaj

    Am in the state of boredom right now. It came as a surprise when I saw the post in twitter. I hope these tips will pump me up ;-)

  • Anonymous

    “Common Causes of Boredom”: add also “Lack of a girlfriend or boyfriend” :)

  • Here are a few additional things you can try to break the boredom barrier…

    -Find an affiliate program to promote – This one’s just for you to put your skills to use for yourself instead of just doing client work all the time.

    -Discover a new tool – I’ve been playing around with a backpage submitter tool, for example.

    -Change locations – Bring your laptop to a starbucks or panera and you’ll feel foolish if you’re not working hard (I do this once a week minimum).

  • Atul

    I switch on my ipod whenever i feel boring while work and start listening to music. Also my city is a heritage city so i also go out to do some photography whenever I feel boring or out of focus.

    Other options :

    Start Reading Articles of your interest
    Go out for just a walk or doing photography
    Work on project of your personal interest…as I’m working on mobile web application designing

    This post is really helpful. Thanks for posting this awesome post.
    Web Designer

  • I thought an article about boredom was going to be boring but it was actually really interesting!

  • I — the same opinion.

  • Anonymous

    When I am bored I venture out to someplace I haven’t been before. It’s amazing how many interesting things are close by that I have never experienced. Take a different route to your normal places, or set out in a random direction that you don’t travel often with the mindset that you have the time to stop and see what’s going on.

  • Craig

    The article is good, but a bit short. I guess that was to keep us from getting bored with it.

  • Anonymous

    The reasons for boredom in the article are right on (and there are more). Finding a way to inject interest into a task, job, or life is highly individual. As a motivation coach, I guide clients to isolate their Elements of Interest to help them deal with boredom: Escape it or shape it! For more, see ThePowerOfBoredom.com. Letitia

  • israelisassi

    One thing that helps me is to look outside my of my “world”. I check into what’s going on with industries I’m not directly involved in such as food service, transportation, medicine, etc.

  • bep202

    Yeah, you can get bored so find something you like doing. Sometimes the boredom is due to low energy or a poor diet. Check out home-indoor-pollution for some suggestions to staying fit and healthy!

  • Anonymous

    This has made me even boreder

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