10 jQuery History/Back Button Plugins

Sam Deering

Check out our collection of 10 jQuery History/Back Button plugins. These are really nice plugins. Dead simple to implement, most of the plugins work with bookmarking, refreshing, and back/forward buttons.

1. jQuery History

Simple History Handler/Remote for Hash, State, Bookmarking, and Forward Back Buttons.
jQuery History
Source + Demo

2. History Plugin

Plugin is for Ajax-driven pages to have back/forward navigation and to allow bookmarking.
History Plugin

3. jQuery Address

Provides powerful deep linking capabilities and allows the creation of unique virtual addresses that can point to a website section or an application state. It enables a number of important capabilities including: Utilizing browser history and reload buttons!
jQuery Address

4. jQuery BBQ: Back Button & Query Library

jQuery BBQ leverages the HTML5 hashchange event to allow simple, yet powerful bookmarkable #hash history.
jQuery BBQ

5. jQuery hashchange event

This jQuery plugin enables very basic bookmarkable #hash history via a cross-browser HTML5 window.onhashchange event.
jQuery hashchange event

6. History.js

This project is the successor of jQuery History. Gracefully supports the HTML5 History/State APIs (pushState, replaceState, onPopState) in all browsers. Including continued support for data, titles, replaceState.

7. jQuery Ajaxy

Simple Ajax Handler/Remote for Hash, State, Bookmarking, and Forward Back Buttons.
jQuery Ajaxy
Source + Demo

8. Really Simple History

A lightweight JavaScript library for the management of bookmarking and browser history in Ajax/DHTML applications. RSH serializes application data in an internal JavaScript cache so that bookmarks and the back button can be used to return your application to an earlier state.
Really Simple History

9. jquery.pathchange.js

Provides a “pathchange” event on the window object, notifying an application when the URL changes. This plugin also provides a method to navigate to a URL safely, that will use HTML5 History Management to avoid a page load. Everything degrades gracefully, and supports RESTful client development.

10. Sammy.js

A tiny JS framework built on top jQuery. It’s restful evented JavaScript.