By Kevin Yank

Fill out our developer survey and win a 20″ LCD monitor

By Kevin Yank

Dell 20Are you involved in the technical aspects of Web Development?

Tell us what technologies and development practices you use for a chance to win a 20″ wide-screen LCD monitor from Dell.

The results of the survey will be used to guide the development of, our blogs, forums and books.

As a bonus, you’ll get a copy of the full survey results, so you can see what your peers (and competitors) are doing! Complete the survey before July 15th for your chance to win.

  • nice screen, completed the survey :).

  • Great promo, but honestly I filled out the survey just so I can get a copy of the results – promises to be intriguing!

  • sllik

    agreed, I’m mostly interested in the results.

  • malikyte

    Just for clarification, will everyone get a copy of the results, or just the winner?

  • nemanja_nq

    count me in :)

  • Clenard

    Definately interested in the Screen, although the results should be interesting as well :-)

  • Everyone who fills out the survey gets a copy of the results.

  • Anonymous

    I filled out the survey, however there was and ASP.NET error, when sending to a friend.
    What I find very frustrating is that if none of the options are applicable, why is there not an “other” checkbox with a description?

  • How extensively are you using CSS for layout?

    1. Not at all
    2. Mostly tables with a little CSS
    3. Sometimes, when I have the time
    4. Primarily CSS with a ocassional tables

    …Why is there no option for “All the time”? Since the question is about layout and not overall usage of tables (tabular data…), “Primarily CSS with [occasional] tables” doesn’t suit, but it’s the only option I can pick that’s close. =

    I’m filling it in anyway; hopefully it will provide some interesting results.

  • Barker

    Come on guys, does this survey really need to be sponsored by Ektron? Seriously, that it one tacky sponsorship setup. Don’t your books make enough $?

  • I’m afraid I agree with previous posters, some questions are lacking in choices.

    It could also do with a grammar check:

    Primarily CSS with a ocassional tables

  • Hey all,

    I’m one of the guys at Ektron that built the survey. Just to answer some questions.

    #1. The results will be available to everybody.

    #2. I’ll look into the .NET error. We’ve been having a lot more traffic than we expected (over 1,100 response in the first 18 hours) and our mail server was having some issues.

    #3. The questions and responses were agreed upon by both Ektron and SitePoint. As far as the CSS question goes, there was some back and forth about the wording and the “only CSS” option was removed. Wasn’t really my decision.

    #4. As far as sponsorship, we intentionally tried to keep things toned down. There is only one mention of our software of to the side. We’re also generally interested in the results as developers, hence why we’re publishing the data when the survey is complete.

    I’d be happy to hear any feedback or answer any questions, but I don’t want to clog up Kevin’s blog. I’ve created a forum topic if anybody has any questions.

  • I agree with Wacky: there should definitely be an option for “CSS only”. It’s 2006, after all.

  • Come on guys, does this survey really need to be sponsored by Ektron? Seriously, that it one tacky sponsorship setup. Don’t your books make enough $?

    It’s not so much as a sponsorship as a full-on partnership.

    Ektron has the resources to do the PR, data analysis, number crunching and software development necessary to pull this off. They also have a great reach into the corporate Web Developer market whom they are promoting the survey to.

    Between us and them, we hope to have a fantastic, comprehensive, view of the entire Web Developer Community which is not only interesting to us, but to the community in general.

  • I can’t fill this in at all, because of Question 1. Without being able to give a correct answer, it is not possible to answer the survey honestly, and hence if one just goes for the closest option that perverts the data, hence any information derived from it is statistically unreliable.

    There are also some technical problems with the survey too – I’m using Mac Opera 9, and I have to double-click a radio or checkbox to make a selection with the mouse

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