Dust-Me Selectors Version 2.0

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After many months of toiling in our secret underground laboratories, Dust-Me Selectors Version 2.0 is finally here!

If you’re one of the many people who made suggestions or commented on the original version, you’ll be pleased to know that the new version incorporates everything you asked for and more.

It was quite a challenge to bring all this together, particularly since Mozilla’s documentation is so … er … erratic (in fact for some functionality I had to look in Firefox’s source code just to figure out how it’s done!) But there’s nothing like a challenge to exercise the mind, and I think you’ll agree that the final result is well worth the gritty struggle.

To summarise the new features:

  • New spidering capability — it can spider either a Sitemap XML file, or an HTML sitemap (ie. it will spider one link deep from any page).
  • Shows which selectors have been used, as well as unused.
  • Data storage has been taken out of the preferences system and into the filesystem — data is stored in JSON files in a user-selectable
  • Better support for Conditional Comments — it can now recognise any number of stylesheets within a single comment.
  • Extended automation so it can re-parse a page automatically whenever the DOM changes programatically.
  • Comprehensive user preferences.
  • Support for Flock.
  • A spiffy new icon, courtesy of Alex Walker

For more information, documentation and to install the new version, check out Dust-Me Selectors on sitepoint.com

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James is a freelance web developer based in the UK, specialising in JavaScript application development and building accessible websites. With more than a decade's professional experience, he is a published author, a frequent blogger and speaker, and an outspoken advocate of standards-based development.

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