Controlling an Arduino with Node.js and Johnny-Five

By Patrick Catanzariti

One of the advantages of being a JavaScript developer is the array of APIs and frameworks that bring a whole new level of possibilities to what previously was restricted to web development. A great example of this is the world of electronics and Arduinos. JavaScript libraries/frameworks such as Firmata and Johnny-Five make it a lot easier for JavaScript developers to get more involved and develop applications that can interact with, respond to and control Arduino powered technology.

This video aims to help those new to Arduinos and Node.js understand the basics of getting started. I’ll provide an overview of what you’ll need to do in order to get a Node application speaking to an Arduino using the Johnny-Five JavaScript framework. By the end we will have used the power of JavaScript to turn an LED light on and off!

Patrick Catanzariti
Meet the author
PatCat is the founder of Dev Diner, a site helping developers navigate the world of emerging tech. He is a SitePoint editor for the HTML/CSS Channel and a contributing editor for emerging tech such as the Internet of Things, virtual/augmented reality and more. He is an instructor at SitePoint Premium and O'Reilly, a Meta Pioneer and freelance web developer who loves every opportunity to tinker with something new in a tech demo.
  • rwaldron

    I promise that the Led API won’t change :)

    Edit: you can also write `led.blink(200);` ;)


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