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Back to the THREE fundamental principles of a sound marketing and sales strategy

Andrew Neitlich


Your excellent comments in the previous blog (see link above) suggests that it is a good time to return to square one of marketing and sales strategy.

To succeed in business development, it is essential to have three fundamentals in place: content, process, and context. Let’s look at each, and you can assess how you are doing.

Content: You need to be excellent at what you do. Otherwise, you will not get repeat business. You know this, but there are lots of hacks out there in web design and development. If you happen to be one of them, it’s going to be a long, hard road for you.

Process: You need a process to get visible, stay visible, delight current customers, and follow up to get more business. Too many IT Professionals sit behind their desk waiting for the phone to ring. That’s a recipe for bankruptcy.

Context: Context is the most important and most overlooked aspect of marketing. It refers to “where you are coming from” or “your way of being.” In selling professional services, you need to be all about value, trust, relationships, service, credibility, and professionalism. It’s worth defining each:

Value: You solve business and personal problems for your client that brings them benefits far beyond your fees.

Trust: You work hard to have your prospects and clients know you, and believe in your capabilities and integrity.

Relationships: Each contact is a long-term relationship, someone who you can bring you significant value (if you bring value to them).

Service: You make it about them first, and you second.

Credbility: You establish your ability, value, and consistency over time so that people know you to be a reliable expert.

Professionalism: You have a can-do attitude at all times that is about service, excellence, and ongoing improvement.

Okay, those are the fundamentals, and I hope this return to basics is useful to you…..