4+ jQuery Mobile Price Sliders (Range Select)

Sam Deering

Today’s post is a list of jQuery Mobile Price Sliders. These plugins can be used for numbers, prices or anything that requires a range of selection. Mobile slides provide the mobile user with an easy way to select values simply by sliding any touch device by finger and the current value is displayed in the box. Our favourite is #2 as it allows for easy creation, min/max set and themes. Enjoy!

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1. jQuery UI Slider

The jQuery UI Slider plugin makes selected elements into sliders. There are various options such as multiple handles, and ranges. The handle can be moved with the mouse or the arrow keys.

jQuery UI Slider

Source + Demo

2. jQuery Mobile Slider

This plugin will auto initialize on any page that contains a text input with the type=”range” attribute.


Source + Demo

3. JsFiddle

Is a playground for web developers, a tool which may be used in many ways. One can use it as an online editor for snippets build from HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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4. Sliders

As you drag the slider, the input will update and vice-versa so they are always in sync so you can submit the slider value with form in a simple way.


Source + Demo

5. jSlider

One more I found with some decent customisations.
Source + Demo