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25 Wonderful Websites with Blurred Backgrounds

By Gabrielle Gosha



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As designers, we’re frequently asked to focus our designs on specific goals and purposes. But, believe it or not, sometimes losing focus can work just as well to your advantage. One of the latest design trends making the rounds in the web design world is out-of-focus, blurred, or “bokeh” backgrounds. There are many reasons that a designer would utilize a background that isn’t in focus: it can draw attention to something else in the foreground, and it can create a new and unique feel that your design might have been missing. While you all are enjoying the holidays with family and friends, why not start working on your list of new trends to try next year? Here are some great and inspiring web designs that use out of focus backgrounds effectively.


Charitable Themes

Daniel Filler



Fat Dragon

I Track My Time

Joost Huver

Joshua Smibert

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Mambo Industries





Pine Trail


Poco People 



Salty Knuckles


Space Box


Team Geek

Weather Dial


Using blurred and out-of-focus designs can make your web content stand out, whether you choose to use photography or abstract designs. You’d be surprised how sharp a design can look with a blurred background.

Are you a fan of blurred or “bokeh” backgrounds. Do you employ them to turn focus onto the foreground content, or do you avoid them altogether?

Gabrielle is a creative type who specializes in graphic design, animation and photography.

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