20 Brilliant Branding Material Ensembles

Gabrielle Gosha

Although the act of branding and subsequently launching a successful branding campaign is a long, hard, and sometimes daunting task, the hard work is sure to pay off in the end if done properly. Branding isn’t a walk in the park, but there is always light at the end of that long and challenging tunnel. “What could be so artistically rewarding about the task of branding?” you may ask. Well, it’s the final step where you’re actually designing and creating your thoughtfully-designed, tangible branding materials. Branding isn’t just about working on abstract and intangible concepts like logos and “corporate image,” it’s also the materials, and trust me, the materials are important.

Your branding materials set you apart from the competition and allow your consumers and customers to differentiate between you and the other guy. Your materials help further your business’s identity and foster a connection between company and customer. Depending on your business, your branding materials will change ranging from your standard business cards all the way to fancy coffee cozies and coffee mugs. If you’re on your way to designing your own branding materials, check out this list of 20 brilliant branding material ensembles. Let’s skip right to the finish line of the branding process… 20 times.

1. Olympic Provisions

2. Frances May

3. Theurel & Thomas 

4. Playground

5. Stockholm Cutlure Festival

6. Kosan Gas


8. Wellend Health

9. Wanderlust

10. Nexway

11. Betlem

12. Handsome Coffe Roasters

13. Wich


15. Motel

16. MNW

17. Visual Armory

18. Office

19. Adam & Eve Law Firm

20. Coor

Do you have a favorite from the ensembles above? Have you ever designed any unusual branding materials, or do you stick to the standard business cards, letterheads, and logos?