10 Random JS Plugins

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In this collection of 10 Random JS Plugins, you’ll find a wide range of functionality, from navigation enhancements, notification layout, etc.. Each of which can add distinct elements to a website that help it come to life and appear more engaging to users. Have fun!

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1. Canvas Query

Use HTML5 Canvas like jQuery. Extended canvas for gamedevelopers and easy setup for a game loop, rendering loop, mouse, touch and keyboard


2. Adding a Timepicker to jQuery UI Datepicker

The timepicker addon adds a timepicker to jQuery UI Datepicker, thus the datepicker and slider components (jQueryUI) are required for using any of these. In addition all datepicker options are still available through the timepicker addon.

Source + Demo

3. Metro Notifications

A jQuery plugin that brings the notifications to a new level.


4. jQuery Vertical Carousel

jQuery Vertical Carousel

Source + Demo

5. jQuery.ShapeShift

jQuery plugin which creates a column based grid system that allows drag and drop even between multiple containers.

Source + Demo

6. Sly

JavaScript library for one-directional scrolling with item based navigation support

Source + Demo

7. A navigation menu that stays on top with jQuery

This is an easy way to make a navigation menu that sticks to top of the window while scrolling down the page.


8. Tempo

It is an easy, intuitive JavaScript rendering engine that enables you to craft data templates in pure HTML.


9. Animated Responsive Image Grid

A jQuery plugin for creating a responsive image grid that will switch images using different animations and timings.


10. jquery.swatches

A jQuery plugin that turns a one-line div into a sweet color swatch


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