10+ Interesting Web Development Finds February 2014

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Some interesting web development stuff was found in February. Here are the finds. Enjoy! =)

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1. JavaScript.is (Sexy)

Learn everything about modern web application development with JavaScript and HTML5.

Source + Demo

2. The Web Can Do That!?

Adventures Into HTML5


3. ionic

Create amazing apps: The beautiful, open source front-end framework for developing hybrid mobile apps with HTML5.


4. Snippet Repo

A members-only code repository to share useful code snippets.

Source + Demo

5. Koding

A New Way For Developers To Work

Source + Demo

6. searls

Unrequired love – a discussion on JavaScript.

Source + Demo

7. SideWaffle

The SideWaffle extension adds a bunch of useful Snippets, Project- and Item Templates to Visual Studio. The purpose is to make your daily work in Visual Studio a richer and more productive experience.

Source + Demo

8. Codility

Guided programming course: Our objective is to offer a series of hands-on coding lessons to everyone with basic programming knowledge and an interest in discovering the world of coding algorithms. Every lesson will provide you with programming tasks to help you discover the ins and outs of algorithms while coding for yourself.

Source + Demo

9. Strafork

Style your very own User Interface with Strapfork’s easy-to-use Visual Editor. Not good at design? The wizard will guide you step by step through the User Interface design process. Are you a designer? Use the advanced mode to adjust every single detail and generate your CSS.

Source + Demo

10. Glimpse

Shows execution timings, server configuration, request data and more, all in browser, with no changes to your application code.

Source + Demo

11. HotTowel-Angular

Creates a great starting point for building a Single Page Application (SPA). Out of the box it provides a modular structure for your code, view navigation, data binding, separation of services, and simple but elegant styling. Hot Towel provides everything you need to build a SPA, so you can focus on your app, not the plumbing.

Source + Demo

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Sam Deering has 15+ years of programming and website development experience. He was a website consultant at Console, ABC News, Flight Centre, Sapient Nitro, and the QLD Government and runs a tech blog with over 1 million views per month. Currently, Sam is the Founder of Crypto News, Australia.

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