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If you own a website, then you need a contact form on it. Yes, you can publish your email address directly on your contact page but usually that’s not a good idea. Publishing an email address on a webpage is a direct invitation for bots to pick it up and spam your inbox with hundreds of emails.

Also, many of your visitors will want to contact you through the contact form. They may not have the time or may not want to get into the hassle of logging into their email accounts and may simply want to send an email directly to you. A contact form is the solution!


While there are many companies that provide services for contact forms, we recommend ContactMetrics.

As the name ContactMetrics suggests, the software will not just allow you to receive emails from visitors but will also provide you with detailed metrics of the sender.

See the screenshot below to understand what I mean. This is an example email that you will receive when somebody will contact you through the ContactMetrics form.


As the image shows ContactMetrics gives you so many details about the sender.

It tells you the city and the country from which the email was sent, whether the person visited your site directly or through search engine or through any other referral, what browser he was using, what operating system he was using, even his Internet Protocol (IP) address, whether he is a new visitor or a returning one, what pages of your website he read and for how long did he stay on each page, etc.

These details will help you respond to the emails in a better way.

For example suppose you receive an email like:

I tried to install your software but it didn’t work at all. Are you a scam?

Now suppose when you check from the data provided by ContactMetrics, you find that the person is using a Mac but he downloaded the Windows version of your software, you will know what the problem is and can swiftly respond.

Similarly suppose you receive an email saying that the person saw a cool cellphone on your site but now when he returned to purchase it, he can’t find that page. ContactMetrics will show you which pages he had visited so that you can supply him with the appropriate link and close the deal.

The forms are very beautiful, use a modern design and can function across multiple browsers and devices.

You can customize your form in no time by adding any options you want without requiring any coding or programming skills. You can make use of text fields, radio buttons, dropdown lists, checkboxes and so on and so forth.

Go and check out their website at contactmetrics.com. They have a free trial version which you can test . Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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