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jQuery Grab-Bag: 10 New Plugins

Sam Deering

Whether it’s panoramic vistas, scatter plots or realistic-looking credit cards, this round-up of the best jQuery plugins uncovered in the last week should have something for everyone.

1. JQuery Panorama Viewer

Embed panorama photos on your website with Panorama Viewer. A demo is here.


2. Skeuocard

Skeuocard progressively enhances credit card inputs to provide a skeuomorphic interface.


3. Scrollocue

A jQuery plugin for building a simple autocue/teleprompter system, to scroll through lines of text.


4. Playroom

An interactive playground where you can tinker with headroom’s options


5. jQuery Label Better

This plugin lets you label your form input like a boss, with beautiful animations and without taking up a lot of space.


6. Zoomerang.js

Zoomerang is a drop-in library that allows your users to zoom in on (almost) any element on your existing page. No setup, arbitrary styling.


7. Flux Slider

A plugin for CSS3 Animation based image transitions.


8. Scatterplot.js

A jQuery plugin for creating 2D scatter plot graphs and charts.


9. Bootstrap Rating Input in 2Kb

This is another plugin that eases the generation of rating stars for jQuery and Bootstrap.


10. hideShowPassword

hideShowPassword lets you easily hide and show passwords via JavaScript or a nifty inset toggle.