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For almost three years now, there has been a regular and well attended monthly PHP meetup in Zagreb, Croatia. October 2nd 2014 marks the third anniversary of this meetup, and in the spirit of last year, a one-day conference has been organized to commemorate the event.

This year’s conference, however, will be a bit different.

Conference v2.0


The conference is organized in the context of the WebCampZG week. With loads of interesting talks to choose from and a really impressive lineup, the available 650 WebCamp tickets (which were free) got grabbed up within six hours – but the workshop tickets are still available, if you’d like to attend. See the full WebCampZG week schedule.

As evident by the timetable, the PHP part is a one day event happening on a separate venue and on a separate day, with entry also being free. You need to RSVP, though, before all the seats are taken.

Needless to say, you’d hardly be able to find a more impressive lineup of professional developers, gurus and enthusiasts in one place, from client-side and server-side development, to devops and more.


Due to the increasing popularity of the meetups and conferences, all talks have now been internationalized to English. With so many foreign speakers this year, it only makes sense to make the event more approachable to a wider audience. If you’re not local (and if you’re reading this, there’s a high chance you aren’t), but still find yourself in Zagreb on October 2nd, don’t miss out on the opportunity to attend some of the talks if there’s still room. If you’re there for any other days, too, try sneaking into the rest of WebCampZG!

Speakers and Topics

The full list of ZgPHP speakers can be found on the website.

Apart from local speakers like Ivo Lukač, the organizer of the amazing PHPSummerCamp, and other experts with weird letters in their names like Srđan Vranac, Nikola Plejić, Robert Šorn, Antonio Perić and Toni Mrakovčić, there’s also Ross Tuck, the author of the excellent Tips on Speaking post that I’m sure most if not all speakers will be utilizing heavily.

The topics of the conference will vary, but there’s definitely something for everyone. Whether you’d like to hear Toni talk about the good and the bad of creating a startup in 24 hours, learn about HHVM basics with Nikola, see what to do about Events in PHP with Robert, find out about HTTP Cache and ESI with Ivo, get introduced to Gearman with Srđan, see how well AngularJS gets along with Symfony2 with Antonio or find out everything about HTTP headers, eTags and the like with Ross, you’ll find something that suits you. And given that it’s only a one day event, attending them all shouldn’t be too much trouble anyhow.

I’ll be there, too, holding a short talk about my experiences with the PHP community as the editor at SitePoint, explaining how you can become an author with us, what we offer, and why you don’t have to sacrifice your regular job to any degree whatsoever if you want to contribute to our channel. We’ll also be looking at some community data as gathered by the PHP channel’s surveys, as I think that’s a very interesting and untapped topic to explore.

If you’ve got the time to spare, a trip to Zagreb isn’t all that expensive from any part of Europe. Let’s meet up, network, and dissect the PHP world talk by talk, beer by beer.

Here are some helpful links if you’d like to join in through any means, either linking up through social networks, RSVPing, or spreading the word.

RSVP and schedule

Social links

Getting there

Feel free to also follow me and the official SitePoint PHP account for up to date coverage or pings for meetups in Zagreb! See you there?

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