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10 Dummy Image Generators for Web Designers

By Sam Deering



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Rather than creating these placeholder images manually, there are free to use services which can automate the process and save us time. Here is a list of 10 Dummy Image Generators for instant dummy images. Particularly useful for the keen Web Designer who doesn’t who likes to produce rapid prototyping designs with different layouts or responsive image layouts. Enjoy!

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Update: 20/06/13: Added pixelholdr. Put to top of list.

1. pixelholdr

I’ve put pixelholdr to the top of the list because it searchs Flikr with your keyword(s) and grabs a placeholder image for you. nice.

Source Demo

1. fakeimage

A dummy image generator a la, but written in Ruby.



2. Random Image Generator

It is a free tool that will generate placeholder or dummy images in your specific dimensions. The images are randomly generated abstracts.

Random Image Generator

Source + Demo

3. Ipsum Image

Placeholder image generator running completely on Google services, intended for assisting with initial layouts of web designs before actual images are available.

Ipsum Image

Source + Demo

4. Dynamic Dummy Image Generator

Works with Flash applications. Images are served with a specified Content-Length so they can be used in pre loaders.

Dynamic Dummy Image Generator

Source + Demo

5. Textmate – snippet for inserting dummy images

A quick textmate snippet for inserting dummy images from


Source + Demo

6. Dummy Image Bookmarklet

A handy little bookmarklet (or favlet) that uses the site to create a place holder graphic.

Dummy Image Bookmarklet

Source + Demo

7. DIG (Dynamic Image Generator) 1.0.0-beta2

This is snippet is intended to be used as a placeholder for development and mockups, placeholder images allow you to define the size and location of images in your design without worrying about what the images will be.


Source + Demo

8. [lorem] shortcode

The plugin contains two shortcodes, [lorem] and [loremimage], the [loremimage] shortcode can be nested in the [lorem] shortcode. Supported parameters, all are optional.


Source + Demo

9. Dummy Image Generator

Fine placeholder images for web designers.

Dummy Image Generator

Source + Demo


FPO means For Placement Only and is commonly used for providing a placeholder image where actual content will reside in a publication, website, or similar.

Source + Demo

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