10 Dummy Image Generators for Web Designers

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Rather than creating these placeholder images manually, there are free to use services which can automate the process and save us time. Here is a list of 10 Dummy Image Generators for instant dummy images. Particularly useful for the keen Web Designer who doesn’t who likes to produce rapid prototyping designs with different layouts or responsive image layouts. Enjoy! Related Posts:

Update: 20/06/13: Added pixelholdr. Put to top of list.

1. pixelholdr

I’ve put pixelholdr to the top of the list because it searchs Flikr with your keyword(s) and grabs a placeholder image for you. nice.

place-holder Source Demo

1. fakeimage

A dummy image generator a la dummyimage.com, but written in Ruby.

fakeimage Source Demo

2. Random Image Generator

It is a free tool that will generate placeholder or dummy images in your specific dimensions. The images are randomly generated abstracts.

Random Image Generator Source + Demo

3. Ipsum Image

Placeholder image generator running completely on Google services, intended for assisting with initial layouts of web designs before actual images are available.

Ipsum Image Source + Demo

4. Dynamic Dummy Image Generator

Works with Flash applications. Images are served with a specified Content-Length so they can be used in pre loaders.

Dynamic Dummy Image Generator Source + Demo

5. Textmate – snippet for inserting dummy images

A quick textmate snippet for inserting dummy images from dummyimage.com.

Textmate Source + Demo

6. Dummy Image Bookmarklet

A handy little bookmarklet (or favlet) that uses the site dummyimage.com to create a place holder graphic.

Dummy Image Bookmarklet Source + Demo

7. DIG (Dynamic Image Generator) 1.0.0-beta2

This is snippet is intended to be used as a placeholder for development and mockups, placeholder images allow you to define the size and location of images in your design without worrying about what the images will be.

DIG Source + Demo

8. [lorem] shortcode

The plugin contains two shortcodes, [lorem] and [loremimage], the [loremimage] shortcode can be nested in the [lorem] shortcode. Supported parameters, all are optional.

shortcode Source + Demo

9. Dummy Image Generator

Fine placeholder images for web designers.

Dummy Image Generator Source + Demo

10. FPOImg.com

FPO means For Placement Only and is commonly used for providing a placeholder image where actual content will reside in a publication, website, or similar.

FPOImg.com Source + Demo

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Dummy Image Generators

What is a Dummy Image Generator?

A Dummy Image Generator is a tool that web designers and developers use to create placeholder images. These images are used in the design phase of a website or an application to fill the space where actual images will be placed later. They help in visualizing the layout and the overall look of the website or application before the final images are ready.

How do I use a Dummy Image Generator?

Using a Dummy Image Generator is quite simple. You just need to specify the dimensions (width and height) of the image you want to generate. Some generators also allow you to customize the color, format, and text of the dummy image. Once you’ve set your preferences, the generator will create the image, which you can then download and use in your project.

Are Dummy Image Generators free to use?

Yes, most Dummy Image Generators are free to use. They are designed to help web designers and developers in their work, and therefore, they are usually offered as a free resource. However, some advanced features may require a subscription or a one-time payment.

Can I customize the Dummy Images?

Yes, most Dummy Image Generators allow you to customize the images. You can specify the dimensions, choose the color, select the format (JPEG, PNG, etc.), and even add text to the image. This helps in creating a more realistic placeholder image that matches the design of your website or application.

Do I need to download any software to use a Dummy Image Generator?

No, you don’t need to download any software to use a Dummy Image Generator. These tools are usually web-based, meaning you can use them directly from your browser. All you need is an internet connection.

Can I use the generated Dummy Images for commercial projects?

Yes, you can use the generated Dummy Images for commercial projects. However, it’s always a good idea to check the terms of use of the specific Dummy Image Generator you are using to make sure there are no restrictions.

Are Dummy Images SEO-friendly?

Dummy Images are not meant to be used in the final version of your website or application, so they don’t have any impact on SEO. They are just placeholders used during the design phase. Once your website or application is ready to go live, you should replace them with actual images that are optimized for SEO.

Can I use Dummy Images in my HTML and CSS code?

Yes, you can use Dummy Images in your HTML and CSS code. Once you’ve generated a dummy image, you can download it and use it in your code just like any other image.

What are the best Dummy Image Generators?

There are many great Dummy Image Generators available, and the best one for you depends on your specific needs. Some popular options include DummyImage.com, Dummy-Image-Generator.com, and WebsitePlanet’s Dummy Images Generator.

Can I use Dummy Images in my WordPress site?

Yes, you can use Dummy Images in your WordPress site. You can download the dummy images and upload them to your site just like any other image. There are also plugins available that can generate dummy images directly within WordPress.

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