Understanding the Difference: WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

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New to WordPress? Trying to understand the differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org?

The video below explains the difference between the two WordPress types and how to choose which one is right for your next website.

This video is just a small part of my course “Introduction to WordPress” on Learnable.com.

This course begins at the… beginning! Over a series of three lessons in this course, you will learn how to choose which WordPress site is right for you, how to get it installed, what tools you’re going to need, and even how to get your WordPress site looking right.

You’ll also learn how to choose the right hosting provider to make building a WordPress website dead simple, see how to manage the basics of your site’s look and feel, and get to know the interface for adding and changing content.

You can get started on my WordPress.com vs WordPress.org course on Learnable.com, hope to see you there!

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