By Matt Mickiewicz

Top 3 (Free!) Domain Name Generators

By Matt Mickiewicz

Finding an available domain name is getting harder and harder everyday, not only because of Domain Name Kiting, but also the huge business of domain name speculation.

Thankfully, when it comes time to register a new domain name for your business or venture, you’re not on your own. Here are three (free!) tools that will help sort through millions of available domain names and help you find the perfect one.

1. Bust A Name

The most powerful domain name search tool available.

Enter a couple of keywords, use the included thesaurus by clicking on the blue arrrow in box #2, and watch the software combine the words into dozens or even hundreds of possible variations. You choose how many words to combine, what domain name extension you want, as well as prefixes and suffixes to add to your list of keywords. You can even plurize your nouns (pant -> pants), and drop vowels (flicker -> flickr).

Best of all, once a list is generated, you can sort it by readability, length or the number of syllables.

2. NameBoy

Simply enter a primary keyword, a second keyword (optional) and specify whether you’re willing to accept domain names with a hyphen and off you go! NameBoy works on a cached database of domain names so it’s fast, but it also means once in a while a domain name you like will already be registered, so act quick!

3. 123Finder
Enter keywords to find available domain names, or browse a lengthy list of available domain names by their length. Looking 4-letter domain name? There’s 4 .com’s available, and 4383 .net’s. You can narrow down the list by only showing domain names containing or related to certain keywords, as well as whether or not they have numbers or hyphens.

Even cooler, you can find available domain names by searching against more than a dozen different dictionaries., including Italian, US Place Names,and Male/Female name dictionaries.

Bonus #4: Picky Domains

Still stuck? Get someone else to do it for you. Picky Domains charges $50 for a domain name search. Best of all, if you’re unhappy with what they come up with, you’ll get a full refund.

Think outside the box

Buying a domain name and still need a little more inspiration to find that perfect match? Check-out, one of the fastest-growing domain name marketplaces of investment-grade and brandable domain inventory.

  • Thank you. I am looking for a new domain name and these sites will definitely help.

  • I like DomainsBot. It’s pretty easy to use.

  • Yeah domainsbot is good, i’ll second that!

  • Aubrey Holland

    I just stumbled across MakeWords and it seems to be quite useful as well.

  • Big.Loser

    thanks this is really a very nice resource.

  • Thanks, really helful.

    Try this one also it makes really cool names with your keywords.

  • sellertools

    Has anyone else looked into this?

    They claim to have tens of thousands of available domain names.

  • Don

    Try the URDNG!

    The Ultimate Random Domain Name Generator:

  • xis

    nice resource . Will add them to my favorites.

  • elouai

    Here is another nice and simple one

    There is a nice little random name generator
    One of the options is the porn star name generator (pet name + street name)

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  • dora

    Are they log our search result? Just wonder if they register good domain after we generate it. Another generator:

  • 小美国老!@!!!


  • Rick

    This one is my personal favorite.

    It generates smart domain names, and shows the availability immediately. Very cool design, and easy to use.

  • Tim

    I’ve used Fresh Bread Creative. They’re a creative group that came up with some brilliant ideas.

  • I would recommend and especially the type in traffic tool that uses real time data from Google Adwords to find available keyword domain names.

  • – It uses different algorithms to generate various kinds of suggestions, it’s worth a look.

  • jounayd

    i found a good domain generator it generates all posiible combination of given keywords. and show available domains
    se here

  • No love for Fakeword? The abstract domain name generator there is good. It mixes up abstract part-words with pseudo words and modern suffixes like “tron”,”ster”,”ggle” etc. Worth looking at for abstract web2.0 style names.

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