By Jennifer Farley

Ten Free Display Fonts From The Behance Network

By Jennifer Farley

VAL As well as holding portfolios for graphic designers, illustrators and photographers, you’ll also find some unusual and interesting fonts available from typographers and designers kindly sharing their wares on Behance. Creating a typeface is a lengthy job so hats off to the typographers who give away their hard work for free.

Many of these fonts are display fonts, making them suitable for posters and headlines rather than body text.

VAL from font fabric is a chunky bubble style font. The direction of the letters can be flipped by choosing the upper or lower case version of the letter. You can download it from font fabric.


Deibi is a sans serif, somewhat cartoony style font from Wete, a spanish designer.



Lot is a bold, super chunky display typeface. It can also be downloaded from font fabric.



Days is a display typeface available in one weight with a slightly Russian feel about it.


Zag is a beautiful sans serif font available for free in two styles (Regular and Bold) and for purchase in five other styles.


Public Gothic is a free font release from Mehmet Gozetlik. “It is little industrial, little vintage, little condensed, little bold.” You can download it from


The Ribbon Alphabet font and its variation Tribbon, are available for free download from This one is not a font that can be installed on your system but rather a layered file, but you can see a short video explaining how it works on the noupe site.



Named after the James Bond movie, Thunderball is a big fat font created by John Skelton/afrojet and available for download from Fontstruct.


And finally, get your sunglasses on for this one. Portal strips is a little hard on the eye, but it  is certainly different.


From the same designer, and a little less dazzling is Portal black.


What do you think of this bunch? Do you use Behance to find fonts? Do you use it as a portfolio site for your own work?

  • Rich Roat

    Excellent resources to reference! Thank you for researching these and posting them.

    Another even better and fantastic typography site / forum to find exclusive / new and foundry fonts is

    It is the best private typography forum for graphic designers / typographers on the internet with an unbelievable amount of free fonts, premium fonts and exclusive typefaces. I believe it is an invite only site, similar to ffffound and behance, but a little more homegrown, personal and underground, but the content they have available is amazing and by far the most complete I have found on the internet. I also I think it was just voted the best typography forum of 2009. Anyhow, check it out if you want,
    Thank you again for the excellent information, long time reader, first time poster. I will definitely be bookmarking this!

  • Eric_HE

    Good~,THX for post it !i learned a lot from this website

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