10 Best WordPress Themes You Should Be Using in 2022

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10 Best WordPress Themes You Should Be Using in 2022
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Installing a WordPress theme can almost always improve both your website-building workflow and the end result. But making those two things “better” isn’t always enough. Building a website quicker doesn’t necessarily make its performance any better. Improving its appearance doesn’t necessarily make it irresistible … or even particularly engaging to its visitors. You really need to invest your time in finding a WordPress theme that will take your design efforts to a new and higher level. There are many great WordPress themes that will do that. But finding them among the thousands upon thousands of popular WordPress themes on the market could prove to be an overwhelming task — and whenever possible, should be best avoided. Settle on any of these ten top WordPress themes for 2022 and the problem is solved. It may take a little time to find the one that would best suit your purposes, but any one of them will serve you well.

1. BeTheme: the biggest multipurpose WordPress theme with 650+ pre-built websites

Betheme home page Any website created using BeTheme will be super engaging, flawlessly responsive, and SEO friendly. The final product depends somewhat on what the website designer is trying to achieve, but the tools are there.
  • Be’s 650+ pre-built websites are responsive, customizable, can be configured to address any website type, style, or niche, and will get any website-building project off to a quick start.
  • 40+ core features, including several mentioned below, give Be’s users all-encompassing selections of design aides, elements, and options.
  • The Live Builder is fast, easy to work with, and has powerful page-building capabilities that include live content editing, autosave, update, and backup options.
  • The WooCommerce Builder offers a useful array of template-building tools, Single Product layouts and a host of customer-centric functions and elements.
  • Other tools include a Live Search function and Muffin and Header builders.
  • BeTheme is also mobile-ready and Elementor-ready.
This premium WordPress theme is always up to date and offers its users free lifetime updates. Click on the banner to find out more about its powerful core features.

2. Total WordPress Theme

Total home page Total is a complete WordPress theme that enables you to create stunning, fully responsive WordPress-powered websites with ease, just as more than 48,000 of its users have already done. The tools those users have to work with include these:
  • a template library of 90+ quick start section templates and 45 quick import demos
  • an extended version of the WPBakery page builder together with 100+ elements for creating layouts and Tempatera, a feature that lets you reuse your page layouts and designs
  • a Font Manager for adding fonts from multiple sources
Total is also responsive, developer friendly, and provides its users with virtually unlimited styling and design options, including animations, custom backgrounds, and more. Click on the banner to learn more about this popular WordPress theme.

3. WoodMart

WoodMart home page WoodMart makes it easy to create some pretty dazzling online shops, and it’s fun to work with as well. A quick look at its landing page might convince you that you’ve accidentally landed on a real live shop, but what you see is something you could easily accomplish yourself.
  • The WoodMart WooCommerce theme provides its users with an all-in-one eCommerce solution. Woodmart is fully customizable, it’s optimized for Google Page Speed. It’s also responsive and Retina ready.
  • WoodMart also makes full use of powerful AJAX techniques to give you and your website users a look at what a leading online ecommerce experience is all about.
  • There’s a nice supply of demo layouts, supplemented by 370+ pre-made sections to get you started.
Click on the banner to pay WoodMart a visit. There’s much to see.

4. Rey theme for WooCommerce

Rey home page
Rey has mastered the pillars of ecommerce – filtering, search, presentation, and navigation — and it has passed the results on to you. With Rey, you’ll be experiencing design, performance, and innovation in a whole new light with features like these:
  • Elementor page builder and powerful extensions
  • SEO-friendly plugins
  • Google and Adobe fonts integrations
All the above and more comes with this responsive, developer-friendly, and performance-oriented WooCommerce theme.

5. TheGem: creative, multi-purpose and WooCommerce WordPress theme

TheGem home page TheGem has a well-deserved reputation as being the ultimate WordPress toolbox, with cool website-building features such as these:
  • the selection of more than 400 multi- and single-page, ready-to-use websites
  • Elementor and WPBakery page builders that can customize everything, including TheGem’s collection of pre-designed page sections
  • impressive WooCommerce designs and features for creating high-conversion online shops
TheGem is a five-star rated popular theme that has gained the complete trust of its 60,000+ customers.

6. Uncode: creative and WooCommerce WordPress theme

Uncode home page Uncode enables you to create websites exhibiting the same pixel-perfect characteristics as those embedded in the theme itself.
  • Key components among the many making up Uncode’s toolkit are the Wireframes Plugin, with its 450+ section templates, the WooCommerce custom builder, and a souped-up frontend editor.
  • Users also love Uncode’s Dynamic Elements and Options that allow them to create special templates and designs as well as the Impressive Posts Module with its more than 100 options.

7. Avada Theme

Avada home page Avada, with its 450,000 happy customers, is the number-one best selling WordPress theme of all time. That may be all you need to know to join the ranks, but you probably would like to know a bit more.
  • Avada’s core features, the Fusion Theme Options, Fusion Page Options, and Fusion Builder provide all of the flexibility you need to design anything you want.
  • Avada’s Dynamic Content System lets you create your website the way you choose to do it.

8. XStore: the best premium WordPress WooCommerce theme for ecommerce

XStore home page
The first thing you may notice about XStore is what may be its most popular feature, the 110+ super-attractive and ready-to-go pre-built shops. The second thing would probably be its amazing $39 price.
  • There’s much more, of course, including XStore’s full support for Elementor and WPBakery, the header builder and single product page builder and the 550+ prebuilt blocks.
  • Also worth mentioning: $559 worth of premium plugins and a built-in WooCommerce email builder.

9. Impeka: creative, multipurpose WordPress theme

Impeka home page You want to build a website that’s fast, fully responsive, and professionally optimized to make certain the search engines like what they see. You also want a site that does the following:
  • holds its own against the competition
  • gets noticed by the right people
  • gives your visitors what they hope to see
Impeka does all this to perfection with its Elementor, Gutenberg, and WPBakery page builders, WooCommerce features, and other cool features.

10. Litho: a multipurpose Elementor WordPress theme

Litho home page Litho is a modern, highly customizable, multi-purpose Elementor WordPress theme that can be used to build websites for any purpose, of any type, and for any business niche.
  • The selection of custom widgets in Elementor, coupled with Litho’s integrating with the WordPress Customizer, presents users with a nearly unlimited number of design options.
  • Users also have a wealth of professionally designed and crafted home pages, templates, and creative design elements to work with.

Wrap Up

One of the major benefits of working with WordPress is the number of popular WP themes you can use. Whatever your niche, target audience, or skillset may be, there’s a premium WordPress theme somewhere out there. That theme, for all practical purposes, was made just for you. So, if you’ve decided to go with a fresh, beautiful, and improved theme for 2022, this roundup is for you! These are the most popular and best WordPress themes on the market. And chances, are one of them is the one that was made just for you!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best WordPress Themes for 2022

What Makes a WordPress Theme the Best for 2022?

A WordPress theme is considered the best for 2022 based on several factors. These include responsiveness, which ensures the theme adapts to different screen sizes for optimal viewing. It should also be SEO-friendly to help improve your website’s visibility on search engines. The theme should be compatible with popular WordPress plugins and offer customization options to allow you to personalize your website. Lastly, it should have a clean and secure code to prevent any security issues.

Are These WordPress Themes Compatible with the Latest WordPress Version?

Yes, all the WordPress themes listed in our article are compatible with the latest WordPress version. The developers of these themes regularly update them to ensure they work seamlessly with the latest WordPress updates. This ensures your website remains functional and secure.

Can I Customize These WordPress Themes to Suit My Brand?

Absolutely! All the WordPress themes we’ve listed offer a range of customization options. You can change colors, fonts, layouts, and add your logo to make the theme align with your brand. Some themes also come with a drag-and-drop builder, making it easy for you to customize your website even if you don’t have coding skills.

Are These WordPress Themes SEO-Friendly?

Yes, all the WordPress themes we’ve recommended are SEO-friendly. They have clean and optimized code that makes it easy for search engines to crawl and index your website. Some of them also come with built-in SEO tools to help you optimize your content for search engines.

Do These WordPress Themes Support eCommerce?

Yes, most of the WordPress themes we’ve listed support eCommerce. They are compatible with popular eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce, allowing you to set up an online store on your website. They also come with eCommerce-specific features like shopping carts, product pages, and secure payment gateways.

Are These WordPress Themes Mobile-Friendly?

Yes, all the WordPress themes we’ve recommended are mobile-friendly. They are responsive, meaning they adapt to different screen sizes for optimal viewing. This ensures your website looks great and functions well on all devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Do These WordPress Themes Come with Customer Support?

Yes, all the WordPress themes we’ve listed come with customer support. This means you can reach out to the theme developers if you encounter any issues or need help with the theme. The level and type of support offered may vary from one theme to another, so it’s always a good idea to check the support details before choosing a theme.

Are These WordPress Themes Translation Ready?

Yes, most of the WordPress themes we’ve recommended are translation ready. They come with .po and .mo files, which you can use to translate the theme into your preferred language. Some themes also support multilingual plugins, allowing you to create a multilingual website.

Do These WordPress Themes Offer Regular Updates?

Yes, all the WordPress themes we’ve listed offer regular updates. The developers regularly release updates to fix bugs, add new features, and ensure the theme is compatible with the latest WordPress version. This helps keep your website secure and functioning well.

Are These WordPress Themes Easy to Install?

Yes, all the WordPress themes we’ve recommended are easy to install. Most of them come with a one-click demo import feature, allowing you to import the demo content and settings with just a click. This makes it easy for you to set up your website, even if you’re a beginner.

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