Star Wars Poster Winners Announced!

Alex Walker

Gabrielle's re-imagined Star Wars Poster

We had some wonderfully thoughtful and incisive comments on our Star Wars Poster Redesign Competition. The time has come to announce the winners.

Firstly we can announce that Gabrielle’s sinister kabuto-inspired design has won the popular vote. Regardless, it was great work by both Gabrielle and Annarita.

And now for the Mighty Deals prize packs.


Choice of ANY five (5) Deals from the Mighty Deals Collection.


4 people win any two (2) Deals from the Mighty Deals Collection.

We will make contact with each of individually to organise your prize pickups. In the meantime, browse the excellent Mighty Deals catalog and pick out your packs.

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed, and special thanks to Mighty Deals for supplying some great designer/developer prizes.

And finally a question: Would you, our readers, be interested in doing a challenge like this with us for prizes and glory?