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Rhinoslider: The most flexible jQuery slider

Sam Deering

Maybe you already know Rhinofader. Some weeks ago the developers released the big brother of Rhinofader which is called Rhinoslider.

Rhinoslider is the most flexible jQuery slider there is. We wanted to create a slideshow that is easy to use by anyone even without any coding experience and we tried to make it as customizable as possible. We give you turtorials and a documentation api so you can create your own effects, styles and features.

The most awesome part of the slider is our live demo. With our generator we give you a tool at hand to test every possibility to use our slider. Every setting is editable by clicking so you can set it to your needs without even writing one line of code. If you have all you need, just choose your effects and download your slider – without those effects, you don’t need anyway.

Look for yourself how easy to implement Rhinoslider is. Just go to http://rhinoslider.com/demo-download/ and click your way through the generator.


About the author RenΓ© Maas
RenΓ© Maas is a German based web designer and developer. He is familiar with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery and PHP. He is also interested in Usability and Accessibility.

About the author Sebastian Pontow
Sebastian Pontow is a german webdeveloper and webdesigner. He works with JavaScript, jQuery and PHP. He knows his way around HTML and CSS3 and likes coffee.