By Alyssa Gregory

To-Do Lists: 12 Online Tools for Organizing Your Tasks

By Alyssa Gregory

Yesterday, I posted about to-do lists and tips for choosing a system, getting setup and maintaining your list. While I will backtrack a bit tomorrow and give you an overview of some of the more popular task and information management systems you can incorporate into your own process, today I am focusing on online task management tools.

If you don’t have a need for a comprehensive project management tool or overall information management system, a simplified to-do list tool may be a perfect fit for you. Here is a list of 12 online to-do list tools to check out.

Bla-bla List: Bla-bla List is a simple and shareable list tool that lets you publish your lists with RSS, privately share your lists with anyone and e-mail yourself a copy of your list.


e2doList.com: This tool lets you manage tasks in separate lists, add notes and reminders, and share your lists with others.

Google To Do List: A simplified way to track tasks and enhance productivity, especially if you are already a Google product user.

The Online CEO: The Online CEO provides a creative approach to tasks as it lets you assign points to each item and has a running points total so you can measure priority and productivity. You can also use a timer to keep track of how long you spend on each task.

OrchestrateHQ: A quick and simple tool for creating and managing multiple to-do lists. You can navigate through your lists, maximizing one at a time.

Remember The Milk: Remember The Milk is one of the most feature-rich task management tools I’ve seen. You can create, manage and organize tasks quickly and easily with extensive keyboard shortcuts. You can receive reminders via email, SMS, and instant messenger; tag your tasks; and locate your location-based tasks on a map. There is also a Pro version that provides an app for iPhone and iPod touch, and MilkSync for BlackBerry and Windows Mobile.

Ta-da List: Ta-da List is a 37signals product that lets you create multiple lists and add, edit, re-order, and remove tasks from each list. You also have the ability to share and create RSS feeds for your lists.

TaskToy: With TaskToy you can create individual tasks with multiple lists, recurring tasks, and use simplified project management actions. You can also print and share your lists, and access your data from your mobile device.

Toodledo: Toodledo allows you to organize and prioritize your tasks in a sortable online to-do list. You can setup e-mail and SMS reminders, and access your lists on your mobile phone, in your e-mail, on your calendar, in your RSS reader, via IM, and integrated directly into your web browser.

Tudu Lists: Tudu Lists is a very simple open source application that lets you create and share lists, access your lists via an RSS feed, and modify it for your individual needs.

voo2do: This tool lets you organize tasks by project, add tasks by e-mail and track time spent on each task. You can also do some basic task sharing with the tool.

WorkHack: A whiteboard-based to-do list tool that is easy-to-use, supports multiple lists and RSS feeds. You can start using it right away, without signing up.

Have you used any of these for task management? What online tool would you add to the list?

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  • ryan

    Another simple one based on the air platform is Doomi

  • jdemarchi

    I’ll also offer up ZenBe lists. It has a great interface, and it’s beautiful in it’s simplicity.

    After trying out some of the more robust offerings you’ve listed above, I’ve always ended up returning to ZenBe. It’s even got a nice iPhone app to sync it all together.

  • jdemarchi

    Whoops… I should have included a link.


    (I don’t work for, nor am I associated with ZenBe. It’s just a great product I’ve used for quite some time.)

  • Vantrix

    I use Ta-da List from the makers of Basecamp. It’s way to simple and effective to use.

    Anita CM


  • Alison C

    I’m a big fan of Reqall. Works on mobile devices as well and can integrate with Outlook and Google Calendar (paid version). The free version is pretty robust by itself!

  • I started using Thymer last week – http://www.thymer.com – and really like it. The interface is clean and easy to use. It’s in private beta, so you have to get an invitation code to try it out. (I sent out a tweet asking if anyone had an extra code and got a response directly from the company.)

  • I’ll suggest Todoist ( http://todoist.com/ ), for it’s unlimited hierarchical task support. I only wish Remember The Milk had this feature!

  • I’ll second jdemarchi that Zenbe Lists is solid.

    However, my day-to-day list tool is Nozbe. Nice online features, and a great iPhone app. I came close to switching to Toodledo a while back, but ended up staying with Nozbe. I wrote a pretty comprehensive comparison of the two a while back:

    Nozbe has version 2.0 due out in about a week. The early betas didn’t impress me, so this will be interesting. They sound very excited about how far it’s come, so I have high hopes. We’ll find out soon…

  • Ryan Colgin

    I’ve used Checkvist http://checkvist.com) pretty regularly, but I’ll be checking through the above mentioned as well!

  • Bjarke

    If your todo-lists grow so large that you need specialized software to handle them, there’s something wrong.
    If you don’t have time for your tasks today, you never will.

    Instead of using all your time MANAGING your tasks, start DOING your tasks.

  • Andrew Macdonald

    Thanks for the list of to-do lists!

    For further reviews of online (or desktop) to-do list software, I maintain a directory of lists and reviews at To-Do List Software (note: also includes GTD and project management software).

  • I use palm desktop which has a great to do list – and also synchs with my palm pilot, very handy!

  • If you don’t have time for your tasks today, you never will.

    That may be your experience. Doesn’t mean it’s true for others. I use Remember the Milk myself. I use it not only as a to-do list, but also as appointment calendar, a repository for ideas (to which I can attach notes) for articles and general business and also to make lists of movies I’d like to see and songs I’d vote for in the JJJ Hottest 100 at the beginning of each year.

  • harryo

    I use a Wiki for my tasks; very flexible, has all the benefits of pencil and paper, and some more benefits: easy to remove outdated info, and always available when there is an internet connection.

  • Andrew Stewart

    I also have task/project managment application that maybe of some use to some people.

    It should help keep managing your tasks as simple as possible.

  • rachel @ springpad

    I love google tasks for my simple, daily to-do list.. but I also use springpad for tasks (it integrates with the calendar, too) and general organization… check it out!

  • Anna ( adversarian )

    I like the functionality and design ( technical and visual ) of Verb: http://verbapp.com/ :) It’s in open beta and I can’t wait to see how it grows, it’s been great for managing my own to do lists and notes so far.

  • aweb4u

    I use TaskBin. It’s free and other users that I nominate can see my tasks and I can see theirs and give them new tasks to do. Very easy to use, I love ticking off tasks (they show as ticked and don’t just vanish, which shows me I’ve been working!)

  • JaredR.

    I’m a big fan of my trusty ball point pen and calander/orginizer. Call me old fashion. It’s easier for me to whip it out on the fly and make any changes i might need to make. but that’s just me.

  • That’s a great list of to-do apps, but I’m amazed that Backpack isn’t on the list, as I consider it to the the one of the best known in the apps in the field. I use Backpack not only for to-do lists, but also for lightweight project management, calendar, and file storage for ferrying files between home and work and accessing information when I’m off-site.

  • ^ I just realised that Ta-da IS on the list, so I guess 37 Signals products are covered! But I still vote for backpack for the additional power features I mentioned :)

  • I found Things earlier this year and I love it. (It’s only a Mac thing, though.) Before Things I was using a spread sheet – ugh. Things has really simplified my life.
    I think the most important point is that you find a good tool that works for you. I tried one or two others that were NOT intuitive for me. I wanted something that I could easily figure out.

  • andymoles

    Thanks! It’s an incredible List of task management Applications!
    I would like to add Taroby which we’d been using for a pretty long time now in our organization. Taroby acts as confidential personal assistant, managing emails, tasks and appointments. The unique concept of ‘Team Inbox’ makes Taroby an excellent enterprise collaboration suite for enterprises. Taroby is an effective tool for CEO’s and entrepreneurs to manage multiple departments or manage multiple projects under them. The team inbox gives the entrepreneurs an overview of what is happening in their business and give a quick snap shot of the employees who is responsible for handling the tasks/emails. From an employees perspective, the mails which are assigned to you, acts as your To do list. Taroby also has great features like Calendar or organizer, which allows you to set email/sms alerts for the events.

  • johnny

    Hello. Thank you for this great info! Keep up the good job!

  • http://www.thebigpic.org/ this one also looks interesting – I love the interface!

  • nashat

    This is a great resource for non-profits! Thanks for sharing the many online tools that can help non-profits succeed.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • thank you! I really liked this post!

  • Michael
  • Laura

    We’re using Wrike.com for collaboration, and the best thing I like about it is the automated daily to-do email. It has all my tasks for today and for the week ahead. What’s cool is that I can also input my personal to-dos there, so I have all my tasks in one place. Wrike is not free though :(, so I don’t think it will be your primary choice if you need a personal organizer. Still it’s a great collab solution that makes everyone on our team more productive with its daily email to-do lists.

  • Andrew Brown

    Don’t for about my Markadee! Not all todo lists have to be boring! Markadee manages your daily tasks based on your your current goal.

  • James

    I work as a project manager and as I have to manage lots of lists of tasks so I use a cool new site called orguhttp://www.orgu.co.uk/
    It’s really quick and probably the simplest site to use. I love it!
    You can access it from a mobile phone as well but I don’t generally need to.

    I also use it to ‘share’ tasks with my wife – it’s been invaluable as we’ve just moved house (a million things to do!) and we’re expecting our first baby any day now (a million things to buy!).

  • Simon

    Thanks! I would also list IzzyTodo here – free & unlimited todo list builder

  • Alex

    Another great online project management tool is SantexQ. It is a web based tool that focuses on time and task management, but also offers many useful features including a punch clock and pdf invoicing for billing. check it out at http://www.santexq.com!

  • Nice article, however I think it could be interesting if you take a quick look at our web site http://www.so-much-to-do.com which is an online to-do list management tool and takes advantage of the most modern technology like AJAX, web services, client scripting in order to produce a responsive user experience. Our users are very happy with it!

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