By Alyssa Gregory

5 New Twitter Apps to Play with Over the Weekend

By Alyssa Gregory

We’re winding down another week, and I’d like to add to your weekend distractions by sharing a list of new Twitter tools that recently launched. Give them a try and come back to share your thoughts.


Bccth.is is a free Twitter client that allows you to send private messages to selected followers as blind carbon copies to make sure they see your tweets, and then continue that discussion in private. The tool, which is a fully functional Twitter client, automatically shortens URLs, stores all of your sent and received messages, and clearly shows you the number of participants and comments in each of your conversations.


Tweet Hopper

Tweet Hopper is a new way to manage multiple Twitter accounts. It has functionality that allows multiple people to tweet to one account, and it auto-follows followers and tweets RSS feeds.

Tweet Hopper


Tweety Jobs

TweetyJobs is a free tool that turns Twitter into a job search community and connects jobseekers with employers. By entering in a job title and location, you can search hundreds of thousands of jobs in the Twittersphere and beyond, send messages to employers and set up job alerts. More community-based features are planned for this year.

Tweety Jobs


TweetYourMail.com lets you share email messages with your Twitter followers. All you do is send your email to tweet@tweetyourmail.com and your message is tweeted and posted on a web page hosted by tweetyourmail.com. All email addresses are converted to ***@***.*** to protect privacy.

Tweet Your Mail


Tweetz.tv shows YouTube videos mentioned on Twitter through three different channels — My TV, Public TV and Search TV. My TV shows the videos that are posted by the people you follow, Public TV shows all videos posted in the public timeline and with Search TV you can look for tweeted videos on a specific topic.

Tweetz TV

  • Anonymous

    This is an excellent post. I’d also add to this weekend list the relatively new search tool TipTop to try out for fun.

  • Site Reviver

    Excellent post, I like the Tweet hopper very much.

    Actually I was looking for some tool that can manage multiple twitter accounts.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  • “Twittersphere” ?? Now I’ve heard everything!

  • Andy

    I have heard of tweetz.tv. Not rest of them mentioned. Any way, thanks for this post.

  • yogi

    Just tried tweetyourmail.com
    How do they do that? Even the images which do not show up on my email client clearly showed up on the webpage… Now I don’t have to spam my friends with all those interesting forwards…

  • Joe Carney

    You forgot http://tweetlinksapp.com

    Filtering your Twitter streams for links with http://tweetmeme.com integration…

  • TvvitterBug

    Nice article!

    There’s a newcomer to the Twitter app scene is TvvitterBug for the iPhone/iPod that focuses on delivering the highest quality user experience possible.

    TvvitterBug eloquently combines simplicity with great functionality and entertaining animations to give you the most out of your Twitterverse. Release 1.3 brings together the culmination of all the features, capabilities, and functionality most sought after in an iPhone/iPod Twitter App, including:

    o All of the Power you want, without the complexity you don’t.
    o Five (TvvitterBug exclusive) user-customizable Tweet View tabs.
    o Up to 5 user accounts easily accessible from any view through a simple drag-down menu.
    o Persistent Tweets between launchings so you can view your tweets anytime.
    o Double-Tap Instant Update to easily and quickly refresh your tweet views on demand.
    o Built-in Photo capabilities to add photos directly to your tweets.
    o Built-in Translation support using any of the state-of-the-art web translation engines you choose, such as Google Translate, Yahoo Babelfish, Babylon, or Promt Translator.
    o Built-in Web Access to view tweet embedded pictures and other URLs.
    o Editable User Profile, including setting a new Avatar picture.
    o Support for both Fixed “official” and Editable “ad-hoc” Retweets – your choice.
    o Landscape support for both Views and Keyboard.
    o Automatic Language detection and display – great when you’re tweet surfing!
    o Push Notification support using Boxcar and other compatible services.
    o Automatic last-state restore on subsequent launchings.
    o Future-proof Settings let’s you specify Translation and picture hosting services to use now and in the future.
    o It also supports Lists, Spam reporting, deleting tweets, follow/unfollow, favorite/unfavorite, search in Message, From, and/or To in any timeline, Search and Trends timelines.
    o The same Incredibly Simple and Lightning-Fast operation as the original version.

    You can read more about TvvitterBug at http://www.tvvitterbug.com

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